What makes station branding so powerful? 4 Major benefits

Branding Rights can be understood to be a medium of protection for the intellectual property of any company and all their brands.

It includes all the trademarks, logos, and other domains of a business. It specifies them to be used for that particular brand only. Various brands have been indulging in acquiring branding rights to remain a unique player in market and to carry the marketing activities easily.

OOH, attribution reporting allows you to understand:

  • How your marketing activities perform in the real world
  • How to optimise and prioritise your next campaign
  • How your target audience responds to specific brand messaging

Benefits of station branding

Acquiring branding rights of a station helps you use the advanced technologies and a good combination of AI can actually help in enhancing the foot traffic at your store and the number of scrolls at your website. Station branding not only helps you in expanding the local store visits but also tracking the real-time customer responses to do better each time. 

For example, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), the largest Indian State-owned insurance company created a buzz in the branding space by acquiring the Station Branding Rights of Andheri Metro Station, Mumbai. The metro station was called LIC Andheri. The strategically located LIC Andheri metro station, helped enhance the visibility of the brand and offer an unparalleled opportunity to innovatively communicate with the commuters.

Station branding is less cluttered 

There is no scope for any mixing or clutter. At stations, there are limited places at every station for brand promotion. Therefore, it does not allow multiple brands to get in. For the same reason there is less distraction.

Railway Station branding in India
Station branding helps brands target masses and connect with them on a personal level – IMG

High brand reinforcement

A person who regularly travels to their workplace or a student going to college can actually get thorough with the USP and special offers of the brand. This helps in capturing the minds of daily commuters everyday.

The visibility is highly increased making people more attracted and attentive towards the offerings of your brand and to explore your brand story. Also, since it’s a non-intrusive way of advertising, consumers are more receptive to respond.

Station branding benefits

High brand awareness and recallment

People tend to choose and pick products and services they see frequently. The increased frequency helps in creating a sense of faith in the brand and its services.

At the same time, awareness in public areas like metro or bus stations makes the information more reliable. Metro smart cards or metro or train wraps allow the awareness to spread at a much quicker pace than expected.

Station branding can be highly spacious

Station branding allows enough space throughout the station to do hoarding advertising, railing advertising, putting backlit panels, and many more. At the same time, spaces are specifically allocated for promotional purposes allowing brands to get certain and better visibility at the station.

Branding in DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) can be a great idea. Having a highly intensive network of around 103 Delhi Metro Stations, DMRC has coverage of prominent lines like Red, Violet, Green, and Blue lines. It administers metro stations across the National Capital of the Delhi Region.

Since metros and trains have been a part of the city..people tend to consider them an easy, convenient, and feasible traveling option.

The footfall is never less and thus it is one of the best modes to actually attract customers.

Metro stations have intriguing yet informative ads. There is less cluster and a proper place where the branding can be organized effectively. This makes it easy for people to see and know the brand emotionally as well.

Another example is, Mineral water brand Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. has entered into an agreement with Mumbai Metro for putting up multiple kiosks across key stations making healthy mineral water easily accessible to commuters.


With the right OOH advertising partnership at train, metro, and bus stations, your brand can develop a great push towards an efficient and intelligent offline marketing campaign that would not fail to drive the attention of all local and other people and allow an ultimate growth. 

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