Bus Branding

Make use of non-stop city traffic to your brand’s advantage!

Over 60% of your target audience sees at least one transit ad within minutes of stepping out. Depending on the city you are targeting, we offer various placement possibilities and a large canvas area for brand advertising inside and outside the bus.

  • Faster brand outreach
  • Cannot be ignored, turned off or skipped
  • Extensive coverage – all through the day and night
  • Strategically placed and eye-catching design
  • Ideal for mass brands

Mobile Van Advertising

Putting your brand at different places at different times!

With mobile van display ads, your brand is not limited to a fixed place like in the case of a large hoarding. Based on your target group and specific location, the van moves across the city to promote your brand and make it popular. It is the most effective way of reaching out to a large number of audiences.

  • Long-lasting visual impression
  • Ability to reach a wide audience
  • Ideal for targeting local areas and specific markets
  • Brand awareness and brand recall
  • Moving billboard

Auto Branding

Putting your brand on the big city streets!

Stand out from a clutter of billboards and kiosks with a moving branding medium that is a part of every city. Advertising on the auto hood or back panel garners many eye balls. With an auto rickshaw moving around the whole city, you can be assured of a wide exposure and reach for your brand.

  • Faster brand outreach
  • Easy to target people across various demographics
  • Cost-effective for small and medium brands
  • City-wide ad visibility
  • Enhanced exposure during traffic hour

Tricycle Branding

Hop on the tricycle branding trend and roll your message to the masses!

Tricycle branding that uses tricycles to promote a product or service. Tricycles are a great way to reach a large audience in a cost-effective way. They are also very mobile, which means that they can be used to target specific areas. Tricycle branding is a cost-effective method of advertising that ensures your message is seen up close and personal. It reaches a wide audience, gathers attention on the streets, and boasts high conversion rates

Tricycle ads offer:

  • Broad reach
  • Street-level engagement
  • Impressive conversion rates
  • Budget-friendly effectiveness

Cab Advertising

Unleash creative opportunities for your brand with mobile out-of-home!

Reach out to the masses in a creative and eye-catching way with moving displays on cabs or taxis. An ideal way to grow your business and enhance brand awareness, cab advertising offers numerous possibilities. From external cab wraps to danglers, car mesh and digital ads on the in-cab entertainment technology, we do it all.

  • Maximum visibility and reach
  • Uninterrupted ads for maximum impact
  • Quick visibility among riders
  • Builds an instant impression and facilitates brand recall
  • Enhanced CTA

Advertising in Metro

Best way to catch maximum eyeballs from all walks of life!

Target top executives, businessmen, affluent travellers and youngsters with advertising campaigns inside the airport and airline. Designed to attract and entice customers, we offer a gamut of possibilities to enhance passenger engagement and experience.

  • Captures the attention of a broad audience
  • High footfalls
  • Campaigns can easily target lifestyle as well as business needs
  • Premium way of advertising
  • Ensures round-the-clock availability of brand message

Inflight advertising

Soaring Above the Rest with Inflight Advertising!

With inflight advertising, your brand takes flight, reaching new heights and captivating a unique audience. Unlike traditional advertising, your message travels with passengers, making it an unmissable experience. This dynamic approach ensures your brand stays top-of-mind even at 30,000 feet.

Benefits of Inflight Advertising:

  1. High-Flyer Visibility: Elevate your brand with exclusive exposure to a captive audience.

  2. Global Reach: Break borders and connect with passengers worldwide.

  3. Innovative Impact: Create memorable campaigns in a unique environment.

  4. Strategic Targeting: Tailor messages to engage specific demographics effectively.

Reach new heights in brand visibility with inflight advertising – where the sky's not the limit, but the launchpad!

Mall Branding

Mall Branding: Where Your Brand Takes Center Stage!

Step into the spotlight with mall branding – an immersive experience that puts your brand front and center. Unlike static billboards, your message resonates within the bustling heart of retail, capturing the attention of diverse shoppers. Elevate your brand with this dynamic advertising approach that ensures your presence is felt throughout the shopping journey.

Benefits of Mall Branding:

  1. Prime Visibility: Enjoy unparalleled visibility as your brand engages shoppers in high-traffic areas.

  2. Diverse Audience: Connect with a diverse audience of shoppers, from fashion enthusiasts to tech-savvy individuals.

  3. Targeted Exposure: Strategically position your brand in areas relevant to your target market for maximum impact.

  4. Brand Immersion: Create an immersive brand experience that lingers in the minds of potential customers.

  5. Retail Resonance: Align your brand with the shopping experience, making it an integral part of the consumer journey.

Step into the retail limelight with mall branding – where your brand steals the show and becomes an unforgettable part of the shopping experience!