3 New Ways For Expanding Your Dental Practice In India

India is the country with the second-largest number of dentists in the world and hundreds of dental students graduate every year. The market gets even more saturated while competition stares you right in the eye. This is where marketing strategies come into play and help you attract new patients to your clinic. The following article will definitely help you grow your dental practice clinic while highlighting a few simple ways to do so.

Some stats on the dental practice market

With a reduced number of government jobs available for dentists and the presence of the second-largest number of dentists in the world, 2.7 lakh, the competition in the dental industry in India is cutthroat. India has crossed the ideal dentist to the patient ratio recommended by WHO. India has a ratio of 1:5000 whereas, the recommended ratio is 1:7500. This indicates how saturated the market is as of now.

This highlights the importance of marketing your clinic right and making sure that your clinic makes a mark on the canvas of the dental industry. This is exactly where intelligent marketing comes into play.

How to Market and Grow Your Dental Practice Clinic in India

It is very understandable that marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea. But to make your job easier, we bring to you some very basic, simple ways to ensure that your clinic stands out even in the most competitive situations. 

In the article below, we will highlight 3 simple, easy-to-implement ways of marketing your clinic in a better, smarter way!

1. Run a Paper Cup Branding to Promote Your Dental Practice Clinic Locally 

A relaxed mind is a receptive mind. Keeping this fact in mind, Ginger Media Group came up with the idea of Paper Cup Branding. No one goes without tea or coffee the whole day. Those are the times of the day when a person actually relaxes, sits back and processes the day. Paper cup branding cashes upon this very concept. This initiative helps increase the market presence and the outreach of your clinic.

These paper cups are not only restricted to tea and coffee stalls. Locations like IT Parks, QSRs, Restaurants, Colleges, Corporate offices, College Canteens, and Hospitals are also some of the places these branded paper cups can help you reach your target patient.

It improves its accessibility to the general public as people identify with it more. Visual stimulations are one of the strongest marketing tools. Hence, putting your brand up on paper cups that the general public so generously uses in their day-to-day pursuits, will definitely help you market your clinic better.

In cities with cutthroat competition, such as Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai, initiatives like these definitely improve patient inflow to the clinic.

For example, we ran a similar paper cup branding campaign for Narayana Health clinics and the results were astounding. The cups were used by local vendors, and canteens and helped improve the marketing presence of the hospital.  Application of a similar concept for your clinic, at prime locations, will definitely make it stand out in the market.

NH health city hospital marketing paper cup branding for Dental Practice
NH Health City paper cup branding campaign by Ginger Media Group

2. Use Print Media to Attract New Customers and Retain Existing ones

Newspapers reach almost every household these days. Print media is one of the largest forms of circulating media even in today’s world. With this amazing outreach, comes the golden opportunity of advertising to and reaching hundreds of people altogether. Handing out business cards can help existing, as well as new customers, remember the wonderful experience and service that the clinic offered.

Apart from it, printing posters and putting them up in markets, residential areas, gyms, shops etc. can definitely help the masses know more about your clinic. Handouts can also be printed and distributed in busy markets and workplaces to ensure that word can be spread about your clinic. In metropolitan cities, such as Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai where the inherent pace of life is pretty fast, the placement of posters at prime locations might be one of the pivotal ways to reach your target audience.

Putting out discount coupon codes in newspapers, and flyers would help attract more patients who would like to enjoy the services. Discounted rates attract a greater number of people and improve patient inflow while increasing the stakes for other neighbouring clinics.

Another newer way would be to do branding inside auto-rickshaws and buses. In busy metros, people usually prefer to travel via public transport instead of private vehicles and this would help boost the outreach since hundreds of people every day would see those advertisements.

Here’s a blog that discusses what is transit media advertising and how it works

Marketing for dental clinics and hospitals for Dental Practice
Dental clinics can use advertising such as transit media, print media, and OOH advertising to grow their dental business in India –

3. Market your dental clinic in specific locations your target audience visits

A dental clinic usually attracts health-conscious people. These people are more likely to be found in places such as gyms, fitness centres, Zumba classes, yoga centres and diet cafes. Knowing this fact would certainly help market the clinic better.

Setting up free dental health screening camps in gyms, and fitness centres can help increase the patient inflow by letting a greater number of people know about the amazing services offered by our clinic. This would also improve doctor-patient relationships and would help the public bond with the healthcare provider making the clinic even more accessible and patient-friendly. Putting up posters, and handing out flyers would help us create a mark on the mind of the buyers and attract more patients.

How to grow your dental business with standees
Advertising and marketing your clinic in specific locations your target audience visits can help you grow your dental business

We hope that this article would have simplified marketing your dental clinic for you. However, we very well understand that marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not everyone has the time to brainstorm ideas and work for their implementation, especially if you are a clinician. No worries! We have your back.

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