Build traffic, drive sales and strengthen brand awareness by advertising in shopping malls!

Indoor mall advertising offers numerous possibilities, such as elevator branding, escalator branding, washroom branding, door advertising and footstep or direction advertising to guide audiences towards an ongoing promotion. Mall advertising is also fruitful for brands looking to target specific audiences in specific locations.

  • Positioned strategically to provide maximum visibility and awareness
  • Ads garner high reach and repeated exposures
  • Makes hyperlocal marketing possible
  • Influences a target groups purchase decision
  • Advertise the product in the same premises where the sale can happen

Mall Branding is available in the following Cities

  • Bangalore

  • Delhi

  • Kolkata

  • Jaipur

  • Chennai

  • Allahabad

  • Nashik

  • Agra

  • Madurai

  • Kochi

  • Hyderabad

  • Jamshedpur

  • Ludhiana

  • Coimbatore

  • Mumbai

  • Pune

  • Vadodara

  • Vishakhapatnam

  • Nagpur

  • Lucknow


    Recognised for its high engagement rate and lowest ad avoidance score!

    Offering a 360-degree marketing environment, movie theatre advertising enables a brand to reach a consumer when they are in a relaxed frame of mind. It can take the form of on-screen as well as off-screen branding.

    • Creates excellent visual impact
    • No room for the audience to flip channels
    • Viewed as part of the cinema-going experience
    • Guarantees better attention spans
    • Offer multiple advertising possibilities