Posters and Standees

Minimal design and large text to grab attention!

With our posters and standees, we make sure you’re ready for all kinds of events. Our creative experts use the proper colour scheme, layout and alignment to ensure your message reaches event attendees loud and clear. We provide services for printing multicoloured and double-sided posters in bulk quantities. With us, you can expect:

  • Lightweight standees
  • Matte, shine-free paper or a glossy finish with a reflective coating
  • Minimal design, large text and colours that will stand out
  • Banners, roll-up standees and poster frames that smoothly fit
  • Standees are super easy to manage

Retail Branding


Dealer boards are the most visible forms of outdoor advertising, displaying the brand names, logos, and products offered. The boards, which are mounted on the storefront, promote both the brand and the products they offer. We, at Ginger Media Group, specialize in creating and producing dealer boards for companies in various sectors. 

We use high-quality boards and printer ink to ensure that the dealer boards remain intact for a longer period. It provides, 

  • A unique identity and strengthens the brand image
  • Establishes communication between retailer and customer
  • Helps in brand or store recognition
  • Provides brand visibility
  • Attracts customer’s attention


Reinforce your brand message with a variety of promotional merchandise!

With our promotional products and merchandising services, we put your brand at the forefront of your competition. We dig out eye-catching promotional products that will constantly remind prospects of your brand in their daily lives. Whether you’re looking for employee gifts, client gifts, or event giveaways, our branded merchandise has you covered. We offer:

  • T-shirts and caps
  • Calendars
  • Diary, pens and other stationery
  • Keychains
  • Cloth Bags and Masks


Create buzz around sales and events with our bespoke flyers!

If you’re looking to communicate with your clients in a precise yet concise manner, flyers are the best way to do so. Based on your requirement, we can customise the size, shape, paper and print quality. With a flyer or leaflet, you can rightly articulate marketing information on a single piece of paper while including contact information and a call to action. We offer:

  • Full-colour flyers
  • Double-sided flyers
  • Promo flyers
  • Corporate flyers


Visually stimulating brochures that resonate with your brand story!

The best way to communicate key information about a product or service to your prospects is with a well-designed brochure. We create brochures that stand out. Based on your requirement, we offer various shapes and sizes. For a tradeshow, product guide, or event promo, tri-fold or half-fold brochures work best. We offer:

  • Portrait booklets
  • Landscape booklets
  • Catalogues
  • Newsletters
  • Take-out menus

Canopies/ Promo Tables

A personalized canopy tent is a great marketing tool to help you spread the word about your company!

Advertising canopies serve as pop-up tents that may be set up in virtually any place. We assist in building brand recognition for your company while publicizing the latter's services and goods through canopies and promo tables. The canopies and promotional tables may be altered to meet your company's demands.

  • Getting the most out of your investment
  • Deliver an amazing ROI
  • Very easy to transport and install
  • Come in all sizes to match every business's needs
  • Provides protection

German Tents/ Pagodas

Secure your event by using our services which include waterproof and watertight German tents or Pagodas!

Typically, German hanger tents are composed of aluminium. Due to the low density of aluminium alloys, it is recognized as the lightest alloy. We provide services that include the use of German tents, which give a secure setting for both temporary and permanent installations. The tents come in a variety of colours and may be customized to your specifications.

  • used to generate brand awareness
  • watertight and weatherproof tents
  • most durable options for outdoor activities
  • adaptable
  • can cover a vast area