How to increase ecommerce conversions? 5 Simple tips for sales

Ecommerce is a rapidly growing and pretty dynamic industry. It brings creative ways of reaching out to your customers and also increases your sales. However, it is an extremely tricky path to tread on. One bad decision can send your company spiraling down and one good decision can lift it to the pinnacle of success.

Having a good website that is easy to navigate and attracts a lot of customers is a must these days. But, it is of utmost importance that those clicks do get converted to potential sales and your hard work bears fruits. 

Not all clicks do convert to sales and that is pretty natural. But, we shall try our best to ensure that they do and for that, we bring to you this article on how to boost your eCommerce conversion rates.

Use Proper SEO Guidelines

Usage of proper SEO guidelines will certainly help you make your website better and get good footfall. With more clicks, the customer acquisition rates fall and it boosts your revenue. 

They will also help your website be among the top search results so that almost all customers looking for that specific product do land on your website.

Better usage of SEO guidelines also includes the usage of certain keywords while putting your products or blogs out. They will help your product land on the top and make it easier for you to compete with your competitors. This will definitely improve footfall on your website and boost your eCommerce conversion rates. 

Checklist on How to grow your ecommerce conversions
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Make your website easy to Navigate

An easy to navigate website gets more clicks and the customers tend to order more products due to the same. Easy navigation fosters better conversion rates. If a customer can save time while ordering a product he/she is ought to be bacon your website whenever they are in need. In today’s fast-paced world, time is money.

If you can order a product within 2 clicks you ought to buy more products from that particular website in comparison to the website that takes a long time to navigate.

Smash Magazine has some great, actionable ecommerce website optimization tips – Read them here

Ecommerce website SEO
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Boast about your Customer Satisfaction Rates

It is very important to feature your customer satisfaction rates as better CSR gets more clicks. People tend to trust websites with better satisfaction rates more. Featuring reviews on your websites will also help as it will help potential customers know the ease that existing customers get. It also helps build customer trust and gets you more clicks while doing so. It is an excellent example of intelligent marketing.

Also, word of mouth definitely plays an immensely important word and costs nothing to the marketeer. It is very important to keep up with the existing customers and treat them well because they tend to spread the word about our product and help get more audience while doing so. It also keeps our patient acquisition costs low, thus saving money while generating revenue. 

Customer reviews not only helps in SEO but also builds trust and credibility which both are an essential factor that leads to sales. Several tools such as Reevoo, Bazaarvoice can be used to showcase reviews on your ecommerce website. Also, since the consumer attention span is already low, try to make your review process more quicker. The ratings system works the best in this case.

Online reviews of ecommerce stats
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Reducing Shipping Times

In today’s fast-paced world, it is important to ensure that your products are delivered the fastest. Lesser delivery times tend to make it easier for people to order your products. Since many people make last-minute purchases, smaller delivery times will help people order your products more thus boosting your eCommerce conversion rates. 

Shipping products faster makes the customer feel safer as well while ordering your product. This also helps spread goodwill about your brand by the word of mouth and will definitely boost your sales.

Also, featuring good pictures of your products on your website, making sure only top-notch stuff gets featured will also help your website get more clicks and hence boost your eCommerce conversion rate.

To reduce your shipping time in an ecommerce business, you can incorporate some ways to manage your retail inventory. Using intelligent analytics to forecast demand, having close tie-ups with wholesalers, suppliers and manufacturers and carriers, offering strong customer support, creating a refund policy are some of the ways you can reduce the shipping time for your ecommerce business and eventually grow your ecommerce sales.

How to grow your ecommerce business with less shipping time
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Provision of Multiple Payment Options

Providing your customers with multiple payment options can help them place their orders with ease which will boost your conversion rates.

In today’s world, there are a variety of payment options available. Not everyone uses all of them, everyone might be comfortable with a different means of payment. Providing your customers with the ease of choice and navigation on that front will help you boost your eCommerce conversion rates and boost sales.

Different payment integrations to grow ecommerce sales
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Keeping all the above points in mind will help you bring more people to the end of the eCommerce conversion funnel and make them potential customers of your brand. Most of the above-mentioned methods are also marketeer friendly and won’t raise the costs of marketing much. If they are kept in mind while meticulously designing your website or running your brand, they will definitely help you boost your eCommerce conversion rates.

It is very important to keep in mind that your eCommerce conversion rates surely depend most on your customer service experience and views about the same. So, definitely keep the same in mind while designing or running your eCommerce brand.

Intelligent marketing can help you boost your sales and provide you with more economical ways of boosting your eCommerce conversion rates. However, we at Ginger Media Group do understand that not everyone can be good at marketing and hence are here to aid you in the same!

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