Pole Board Branding in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad

Advertising on poles in Delhi is an effective way of reaching potential customers who are out and about. As one of the most populated cities in India, there are plenty of people driving or walking to their destinations every day which provides a perfect opportunity for advertisers to target them by captivatingly showcasing their brands and products on glitzy pole banners strategically placed around town. Thus, it makes Delhi NCR ideal for pole board marketing.

Pole board advertising involves placing large signs on poles strategically located across the city centres and shopping areas of India's bustling capital. This type of outdoor advertising has proven effective because it captures the attention of passersby with its eye-catching visuals. Pole board branding in Delhi is a great way to reach potential customers.

These striking billboards can be used as part of larger campaigns or just to promote individual products and services. Explore the potential of pole board branding in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad here!

Unlock the advantages of Pole Board Branding in Delhi NCR

Pole board advertising involves mounting tidy, small, in-line, back-to-back displays on power poles along significant city major streets in both urban and suburban areas of Delhi NCR. The same advertisement is seen repeatedly by individuals driving on the roadways since it is placed back to back at a minimal distance. 

Pole board marketing is one of the most successful methods of promoting and branding a business in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad. Here are some of the reasons for making it a part of the marketing strategy in Delhi NCR for being successful!

Greater Visibility

If you want to expand your business, the first thing you need is to understand the importance of pole board advertising in Delhi. These pole banners are designed to attract attention. They are visible to everyone driving or walking by due to their tremendous height. These small yet prominent advertisements are quite beneficial in gaining the attention of passers-by and raising and boosting brand recognition among them.

To attract new consumers, brands must publicize their existence through pole banners in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad in a way that reaches a much broader audience. The idea is simply that the more people who view your billboard, the more exposure your business will receive creating a greater impact.

Brand Exposure

The frequency with which the audience is exposed to the pole board's creative advertisement is a very important aspect that determines the impact that the advertisements have on the audience. The billboards are frequently positioned back to back on the poles, resulting in consistent exposure and increased brand memory.

The public tends to like and remember advertisements that they encounter frequently. When pole banner advertisements are placed back to back across a wide expanse at short distances, it results in repeated disclosure, which assures a higher recall rate in Delhi NCR. Consumers may view this kind of marketing over and over again, making it incredibly effective.

Increased Recognition Value

Pole banner ads offer a great branding advantage for businesses situated in Delhi. The visibility of these signs makes them stand out on roads, attracting more attention to your business and logo. With an effective message and design, you can create recognition value as people passing by associate your company with the pole banner ad they saw along the street. This further helps in establishing familiarity with your brand.

Investing in pole branding is an effective way to get more eyes on your brand and create greater awareness among potential customers. By placing branded signs on poles in high-traffic areas, you can ensure that potential customers will be exposed to your brand and message multiple times throughout their day. 

Non-Intrusive Advertising

Pole board branding in Delhi NCR is a form of non-intrusive advertising that utilises strategically placed billboards to reach potential customers. It typically involves using targeted ads, content recommendations, and other methods to reach potential customers unobtrusively. It provides valuable information to consumers without being overly intrusive or disruptive. 

This type of advertising can be beneficial for both businesses and consumers as it allows companies to promote their products while still respecting the privacy of users. Additionally, pole banners offer the advantage of being able to change out messages frequently without having to replace entire signs, allowing companies to keep up with current trends and events while still maintaining brand recognition.

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Best locations for Pole Board Branding in Delhi NCR

Location plays an important role in pole board branding as it can directly influence how people perceive and interact with a brand. Sales opportunities, visibility for the company’s message, and consumer access to the product or services offered could be impacted by location choices. 

With the right location strategy in place, you can make sure your pole board brand messaging reaches its desired destination, all while producing a higher return on investment overall. Explore some of the best spots in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad for pole board marketing.


Pole board branding is a great way to get your message out in Delhi. This type of advertising can be very effective as it reaches people who are already out and about in the city, allowing you to target potential customers more precisely than other forms of outdoor advertising. Ads on the pole banners provide maximum reach and create a greater impression on the audience.

Residential as well as commercial places, both are ideal for this marketing strategy. Popular areas for pole board branding in Delhi include Saket, Malviya Nagar, Connaught Place, Laxmi Nagar, Rajouri Garden, Janpath, Greater Kailash, Model Town, Defence Colony, Jor Bagh, and Vasant Kunj.


Pole board advertising is a type of outdoor advertising in which huge, eye-catching signs are placed on poles or other structures in public places. It may be an efficient technique to reach out to potential clients in Noida since it lets you target certain locations and demographics with your message. 

Pole board advertising in Noida may help businesses enhance brand recognition and produce more leads with the correct design and placement plan. Popular places for it include Sector 137,  Sector 18, Noida Expressway, and Greater Noida West, Sectors 15 and 16 in the Noida City Centre Metro Station region, Sector 62 near Fortis Hospital, Noida Extension, Sector 150, and Sector 63 near DLF Mall Of India.


Advertising through pole banners in Gurugram is an effective way to reach a large audience. Pole banners are placed at strategic locations throughout the city, allowing businesses to target potential customers with their message. The visibility of these signs makes them hard to miss and ensures that your advertisement will be seen by many people. 

Popular places for pole branding in Gurugram include Palam Vihar, Sector 40, Sector 23, Sector 82, Sector 54, MG Road, Sikanderpur, DLF Phase 1 to 5, Golf Course Extension Road, Udyog Vihar, Sohna-Palwal Expressway, Huda City Center, and Iffco Chowk.


Pole boards are an effective way to reach potential customers in Faridabad. They can be used to advertise products and services, promote special offers or discounts, and create brand awareness. Pole boards have a wide visibility range due to their height and location on the street poles. 

This makes them ideal for targeting people who pass by frequently such as commuters and pedestrians in Faridabad. Some of the best locations for pole branding in Faridabad include Badkhal Lake region, Suraj Kund Park, Ashoka Enclave, Anangpur Dam Road and Pali Village, Sector 15, Sector 21, Sector 14, Suraj Kund, New Industrial Town (NIT), and Green Valley.


Branding through pole boards in Ghaziabad is an effective way to reach a wide audience. With careful planning and placement, pole boards can be used to effectively target potential customers in Ghaziabad with your branding message. You may build unique graphics for each location to stand out from the crowd and bring attention to your company.

Some popular spots for pole board advertising in Ghaziabad are Indirapuram, Raj Nagar Extension, Vaishali, Crossing Republik, Vaibhav Khand, Abhay Khand 2, Sector 4C Vasundhara, Ahinsa Khand 2, Ahinsa Khand 1, Chanderpur, Kaushambi, and Vasundhara.

The ultimate guide for Pole Board Branding in Delhi NCR

Pole advertisements are a low-cost, high-exposure kind of advertising. They have a special capacity in which they're tough to ignore knowingly. The sequential allocation of locations is only possible with this type of OOH advertising. Campaigns may explore and build on their primary message without being restricted to a particular interface. 

However, a memorable creative used in pole ads has the potential to increase campaign visibility through word-of-mouth and publicity in other media channels. Let us discuss several ideas and practices that will assist you in creating a successful pole board marketing strategy in Delhi NCR.

Decide upon Pole Banner Material

Brands must grasp the significance of the various materials employed for pole board advertising. The most popular materials used to produce pole banners are vinyl and fabric. Vinyl banners are available in a variety of weights, with 18 oz. being the most common thickness for double-sided banners. Vinyl is popular because it is waterproof, UV-resistant, and absorbs ink effectively, producing colourful designs and highly readable printing.

Fabric banners are constructed of either polyester or canvas. Screen printing or dye sublimation is used to transfer the design. To eliminate shadowing on double-sided banners, a silver block-out cloth is layered between two pieces of fabric. Zip ties are also useful for fastening your pole banners.

Choose a Focal Point

The pole boards personalized banners require a focal point no matter where you intend to hang them. Individuals should be able to stroll by and get the message without having to stop. The core phrase or notion should tell them who you are and what you're doing there.

It should also include a call to action, whether you want them to stop by or visit your website. While employing pole board marketing, words in all capitals are a wonderful idea. When making your banner design, don't be afraid to increase the text size. Emphasizing crucial information, whether in the text or the image, allows passersby to quickly recognize what they should focus on.

Use Colour Psychology and High-Quality, Relevant Graphics

Use a relevant and eye-catching image for pole board marketing in Delhi NCR. The objective is to capture your audience's attention from afar, so utilise photos that are high-quality, appealing, and thought-provoking. The subconscious mind works equally as hard as the conscious mind. 

Indeed, it is responsible for making us feel at ease, thus you must tap into the viewer's subconscious if you want them to be drawn in by your banner. Colour psychology may assist viewers to become more interested in your product and content. Colours are simply one aspect of the design, but they are crucial. To interest, your audience and help to visual flow, use background, base, and accent colours.

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How can Ginger Media Group help you with Pole Board Branding in Delhi NCR?

Ginger Media Group provides comprehensive pole board advertising services that can help you showcase your brand ahead of competitors in the area. With our creative solutions and cutting-edge technologies, we will ensure maximum visibility for your message on poles situated in desirable locations around town.

We can help you with your pole board marketing campaign designed specifically for Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad. Learn more about us and why are we an ideal choice for your pole board advertising campaign!

Timely and Efficient Execution

When it comes to pole branding, we at Ginger Media Group understand the value of quick and efficient implementation. We understand that every day counts when it comes to marketing your brand, which is why we work hard to accomplish your branding on schedule and to your satisfaction.

Our professional staff is committed to providing you with the finest level of service and support, allowing you to focus on building your business while we handle your branding needs. You can count on us to complete your pole branding job on time and within budget.

Excellent Customer Service

At Ginger Media Group, we find delight in providing reasonable pricing and excellent customer service for our pole branding services in Delhi NCR. We recognize that branding may be a big investment for your company, which is why we work hard to provide you with the greatest value for your money.

Furthermore, our staff is dedicated to offering outstanding customer service throughout the branding process. We think that open communication and collaboration are critical to the success of any branding project. For all of your pole branding needs, you can count on us to give you cheap prices and outstanding customer service.

In-depth knowledge of Market Trends

Ginger Media Group is a highly regarded branding agency renowned for its diverse variety of unique solutions that try to provide customers with the best possible brand experience. We also have an extensive understanding of market trends. Our skilled team of specialists has the knowledge to create thorough plans that are specific to your requirements.

With decades of experience packed into each project proposal, paired with unrivalled commitment levels, we are an excellent alternative for pole board branding in Delhi NCR. With our significant expertise working with some of India's biggest businesses, we feel we are best qualified to collaborate with you to bring life to your pole branding.

Ginger Media Group is a 360 degrees marketing agency that specialises in outdoor advertising. With our 7+ years of experience, our team of branding specialists, marketing enthusiasts and data-driven advertisers, we have had the pleasure to serve some of the most well-known brands such as VIBGYOR, OYO, Zomato, Uber Moto, Uber Eats, Chumbak & a lot more.

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