Auto Branding in India

A personalised vehicle markets your product by making your business's presence and services or products noticeable wherever it goes. Brand awareness can be created by including a company logo in an advertisement banner. Local and regional audiences are crucial for a brand that sells consumer-based goods or services. Auto rickshaw branding is a great method to reach the audience and enhance brand recognition in the target city.

Auto branding works for all kinds of companies in many different industries. Let's find out more about the many sorts, benefits and branding of auto rickshaws for your brand.

In Auto branding, advertisements are depicted as stickers on the back panel of the automobile. The flex posters are attached to the outside of an auto rickshaw to advertise a brand's goods or services. Auto Rickshaw advertising, is primarily restricted to branding on the outer of the vehicle. Because it is the least expensive form of transportation advertising, small and medium-sized businesses choose it the most.

Auto rickshaw branding reaches people from all social classes. A distinctive feature of auto rickshaw advertising is that only the back side of the body of the vehicle has enough area to hold an advertisement.

Why choose Auto Rickshaws

Benefits of Auto Branding

There are several reasons why auto branding can be the best option for your brand. Here are some of the strongest justifications for responding to the question WHY:


When marketing your brand with Auto Rickshaw advertising, you may select the regions and target demographics for your ads.

Diverse Audience

Whether it be a car, a driver, a pedestrian, or persons using side stalls, everyone on the road is drawn to advertisements displayed on auto-rickshaws.

Cost Effective

One of the most alluring benefits of adopting auto branding is the price. It is not costly and can help in advertising within your budget.

High Engagement

Compared to other marketing media, advertisements on auto rickshaws keep users' attention longer, especially during traffic.

Want to use Auto Rickshaws for brand promotions?

Available Options

Auto Rickshaw Advertising options available in India

Branding on auto-rickshaws is the most popular form of advertising. A well-designed advertisement for a product or brand will be posted on Auto so that the target market can be easily reached.

Inside Branding

These are advertisements that are displayed inside vehicles. They are less visible because as shown to passengers, but they have a higher recall rate due to longer exposure time.

Inside Branding

These are advertisements that are displayed inside vehicles. They are less visible because as shown to passengers, but they have a higher recall rate due to longer exposure time.

Inside Branding

These are advertisements that are displayed inside vehicles. They are less visible because as shown to passengers, but they have a higher recall rate due to longer exposure time.

Body Wrap

There are numerous private operators as well, though fares are uniform across the network and the various operators directly cooperate with each other and the government.

Most Popular Cities

Best Cities for No Parking Advertising

    Places to Advertise

    Popular places for doing Auto Branding in India


    Highways are the connecting roads to different areas in India. The length of highways in India is 150,000 km (93,000 mi). Autos travel throughout Indian cities and states, so anything advertised on them is able to reach a large number of people.

    Local Roads & Traffic Areas

    As auto advertisements are hard to ignore and they can reach over 80% of the population in a week. Because of traffic jams in this city, traffic signals and bus shelter dwell time, consumers are exposed to advertisements for longer periods.


    With such a high population, and so millions of people on the road, auto branding is suitable for both luxury and day-to-day usable brands covering shopping complexes, malls, hotels and exhibitions, local markets routes, etc.

    Residential & Industrial Areas

    Brands can target people living in residential and industrial areas as per the requirements of their brand. The people residing in the area can be targeted by promoting their brand in residential areas or people going for their job by promoting their brand in industrial areas.

    Want to use Auto Rickshaws for brand promotions?

    The Complete Process

    How we execute an Auto Branding Campaign?

    • First StepShare your requirements

      Tell us what you want for your campaign and we will help you achieve it.
    • Second StepPlan the campaign with us

      You will be assisted in identifying the correct locations, the correct numbers of Autos, the correct branding type for internal or external branding (both types are available in some cities, whereas in others they are distinct), and the correct branding type for the rear panel, panel, or the left side (choices are distinct from one city to the next).
    • Third StepReceive the best quotes

      We provide the lowest guaranteed rates with the finest auto branding services across India.
    • Fourth StepProvide the required creatives

      Provide us with an attractive creative to showcase your brand on Auto Rickshaw after we share the creative dimensions.The acceptable format of creative in auto branding is CDR file. We provide free jpeg conversion of your creative after you share it with us. We will send you the converted creative for your approval after we receive it. After you approve the creative, it will be printed and installed.
    • Fifth StepExecution

      See your brand moving on wheels within a bare minimum timeframe and achieve high response.
    • Sixth StepReceive proof of execution

      At the end of the campaign, receive a photo showing all the autos after the installation process has been completed successfully and mid-campaign monitoring pictures are also delivered.

    Why Choose Us

    Why Choose Ginger Media Group for Auto Branding in city?

    When you choose to work with us, you work with an agency that acts as more of your business partner. We take time to understand your business, your target audience, your products and services, business goals, budget, and accordingly craft a marketing plan that is tailored just for you. Having worked across industries like FMCG, Education, Real Estate, Consumer durables, Medical, Gaming, Fashion and Apparel, Beauty, IT, we have just the right amount of experience to help you run a successful marketing campaign. We are a 360° outdoor ad agency and branding agency that provides a huge variety of outdoor advertising services. We have helped more than 150 brands PAN India level and we can't wait to help you and your business grow.

    We have a robust distribution and promoters network and strong tie-ups that can help you do auto branding in India with ease. We take pride in the work we do and we do with strong ethics.

    Some reasons why you must consider auto advertising for your brand or business:

    You will be guaranteed an audience when it comes to auto branding.

    The location of your auto ad makes it hard to ignore.

    Capture attention and put the spotlight on your message.

    71% of consumers often look at auto with catchy creatives, thus proving auto advertising’s effectiveness.

    Present an ad to a maximum number of people without exerting too much effort.

    Advantages of auto branding is its constant availability.

    We are trusted by some of the giant businesses such as Zomato, OYO, Chumbak, Unilever, Hotstar and a lot more. When you advertise with us, you advertise with an agency that works as your business partner.

    Your business goals become our goals.

    Ginger Media Group is a 360 degrees marketing agency that specialises in outdoor advertising. With our 7+ years of experience, our team of branding specialists, marketing enthusiasts and data-driven advertisers, we have had the pleasure to serve some of the most well-known brands such as VIBGYOR, OYO, Zomato, Uber Moto, Uber Eats, Chumbak & a lot more.

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