Give your brand a seat at the table!

Tailor messages to your target audience in locations where they play, socialise and relax. Our creative bar advertising placements are curated to help you achieve positive results. Bar media can include static posters, tent cards, digital displays, coasters and napkins, and washroom branding.

  • Reach consumers in a relaxed, social setting
  • Target audience geographically and by demographic profiles
  • Offers great opportunities for experiential marketing
  • Leverage on highly interactive messaging
  • Enhanced CTA


Make your brand a part of the coffee culture!

An ideal place to strike a chord with your target group, cafes and coffee shops ensure greater visibility for your brand. With a myriad of creative formats such as table wraps, coffee cups, takeaway boxes, standees and tent cards, we help you harness the power of intimate everyday moments.

  • Reach consumers when they are relaxed and receptive
  • Reach out to on-the-go coffee drinkers
  • Enhanced brand recall and engagement
  • Strategic, targeted ad placements
  • Build a better brand experience

Departmental Stores

Enhance sales by attracting potential customers at the point of sale!

Achieve maximum viewership for your products and services by targeting customers when they are in an active shopping mindset. Almost 60% of shoppers take purchase decisions when they are on the shop floor. We offer various retail formats to suit your needs. Choose from internal and external signage, in-shop product display, activation and events, and more.

  • Ability to display your brand message through innovative ways
  • Target specific locations and audience type
  • The influences purchase decision of target group
  • Enhanced communication and brand awareness
  • A customer spends at least 30 minutes in a supermarket


An ideal format for book promotion or to target college-going students and youngsters!

Looking for the best way to reach out to avid book readers? Bookstore advertising is the answer. Leveraging branded shopping bags and floor graphics, we make sure your message is delivered in a colorful way.

  • Ability to target audience at the entry and exit points
  • Use of danglers, posters, tent cards and video screens
  • Reach out to a niche audience
  • The audience will pay attention to your message

Shopping Arcade Market

Media that reaches an audience during the decision-making phase of the purchase cycle!

Capitalise on slow-moving traffic by ensuring your advertising message gets noticed at various stages in a shopper’s journey such as food courts, escalators, elevators, parking lots and more. We help brands build campaigns around key sale times to increase the relevance of the ad to an audience.

  • Proximity targeting
  • Top-of-the-mind awareness
  • Strategic placement and mass coverage
  • Analize business plan
  • Attract a desirable and captive audience