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Look walker meaning..

Look walker is an outdoor marketing tool to help brands gather target audiences through real-life exposure. Some other names of a look walker include-IWalker, Ad walker, human banner, and walking billboard. They are a set of moving billboards that gather customer attention. They comprise LED displays that could be put on both sides as the rear view and even in the front. Look walker advertising is a highly influential outdoor marketing.

Offline marketing has been a tool to aid brands and companies in advertising better. It delivers a non-intrusive form of advertising to promote your products or services. From direct mail, personal selling, television advertising to radio advertising, we have now landed up into a time wherein outdoor media is gaining immense prominence. One such form of outdoor advertising is Look walker advertising.

If you have a product launch coming up or a sale, look-walker marketing could be a great marketing tactic for you. When we look into look walker benefits, they are many. A skilled, personalised, and consistent look walker activity can help brands increase both their sales and visibility, along with gaining customer trust. Clear and high-definition look walker images aid in making this human billboard more captivating

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Advantages of Look Walker

Look, walkers stand with certain advantages. This type of human billboard advertising has been adopted by various brands because it is highly effective and constitutes an element of innovation and creativity.

High impact

Look walkers have almost endless potential for advertising and rendering business potential to anywhere as they are mobile in nature, can be rotational and dynamic. Lookwalker Activity is usually displayed in a digital way. In look-walker activity, the person who carries your look-walker board roams in and around your target audience making it almost impossible for them to “skip” or “unsee.”

Direct Conversation

Look walkers assist in getting into contact with people directly. This Human billboard advertising reaches people on a personal level. This is the best thing about it. The catchy taglines or simple slogans written over the walker help create an emotional connection with the audience who eventually read it. Even if they are not indulging in a conversation, this marketing tool is easy to seek and catch!

Customised Talking

These walking human billboards can actually offer a lot to you. This means that they are not restricted to a particular level but can be tailored according to the requirements of the people. The groups you target, the people you want to attract can get a personalised message through these look walkers. Further, lookwalkers can be customised by adding creative stickers as well.

Spontaneous Response

The potential for branding with look walkers is high. It is so because of the fact that the look walkers are engaged with the shoppers directly, the audience are a lot doubtless to reply to the action. As the look walkers are crafted with creativity, and are digital, it allows people to connect with your company at a much closer level and works out very well for brand reach, engagement and conversion.

Highest Recall Rate

The highest recall rate is in direct proportion with visibility and versatility. 7-8 feet hoardings at the bottom level will simply be seen by most of the audience during a crowded space. Increasing your company’s visibility within the marketplace is important to capture the eyes of your target audience. High visibility equates to high awareness, and prospects want to try and do business with brands they acknowledge and trust.


Considering the look walker size to be 4*1.5 feet, look walkers are rented for a price starting INR300 and ranging up to INR 3000. This makes them one of the most affordable marketing option. Apart from this, The look walker uses a source of power or a battery. The life of the battery lasts up to 8-9 hours giving your look-walkers enough time to be visible amongst your customers and target audience.

Why choose us as your Look-walker advertising agency?

We at Ginger Media Group are not just a look-walker branding agency, we are a trusted and experienced offline marketing agency that provides you with the best outdoor advertising solutions to outshine your brand at an individual level. We understand your business needs and work alongside you.

We are proud to have a long list of past clients such as Hotstar, OYO, Zomato, Uber Eats, Chumbak. Recently, we did look-walker advertising for the VIBGYOR International School. Our huge distribution and promoters network will make sure your campaign needs are met with high-quality look-walkers. Our efficient team of professionals will make sure your look-walkers get your brand message across your target audience in the most fruitful manner. 

We take pride in the work we do and we are happy to serve you.

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