Look-Walker Branding in Lucknow

Look-Walker Branding in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Look Walker Branding in Lucknow creates a unique brand presence in an eco-friendly manner. The Look Walker Branding is an attractive method to convey the Branding message. It gives excellent opportunity to reach through high-traffic special in metro regions. One of the low budget ways of promoting the existing product and service or the newly launched product to spread the awareness of the brand among the audience. A complete advantage of outdoor media is available on a small budget. Look walker advertisement gives self-employment opportunity to individuals. Look walker individual principally strolls in a bustling shopping centre, market areas, Events, Concerts, Festivals, Grand Openings, in high rush hour gridlock regions, Exhibitions and so forth.

The Look walker advertisement is a moving commercial that can go to the desired place to reach the target market. It creates maximum visibility to the brand advertisement as it is a unique method to reach people’s mind. One single person or group of people carry the bulletin on their back and move in the target region where brand advertising should be done. Look walker is also called an I-Walker or promotional walker. This medium of promoting your brand is the best and effective method that leaves a great impact on the market. The recall rate of this type of innovative and personal advertisement is high and increases the sales of marketer also builds strong customer relationship.

Activities or events like Look Walker Branding in Lucknow is generally done daily which can be for one week or two weeks when hired on rent. The duration of Look Walker branding can be changed as per the Marketer’s requirement. If it is purchased, then it can be reused multiple times by changing the format of the advertisement frequently.

Also, depending upon the target market, the advertiser will hire people for branding based on that they will decide the duration of advertising. Look Walker advertising is a very flexible form of advertising and it can gain the highest recall rate.

Look Walker Branding are generally found near the retail stores, the brand promoters are supposed to report to the store at the start and end of the activity. The images and other details of the Look Walker Promoters are shares through various methods of communication like

  • Social Networking Sites: One of the simplest ways of communication is social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These help to connect with the advertiser and show them how their brand is being promoted as it encourages knowledge sharing and curate content, photos and videos, consumers can participate in lively discussions also.
  • Image Sharing sites: The visual content of the Look Walker Branding campaign can be shared like images, infographics through social media like Instagram, Imgur and Snapchat are specially designed to amplify the power of image sharing.
  • WhatsApp: A personal way of communication where agency and consumer can have one on one communication instantly by sharing the campaign images, videos, the success rate of the campaign and the current status of Look Walker Branding
  • E-Mail: The Professional way of communication is Email writing wherein the agency will Email the campaign images, videos, the success rate of the campaign and the current status of Look Walker Branding.

Look Walker Branding is executed near the retail Store or shopping hub or place in the city where shopping malls, retail store or small Vendors sell their products. The Look Walker promoter will walk through the streets and markets of the city to promote the brand that is being displayed.

The population of Lucknow is 35,00,000 and every individual love to go shopping. It can be regular shopping or window shopping they move around the street. The a popular place in Lucknow is Hazratganj, Aminabad, Chowk, Alambagh, Nakhas, Yahiyaganj, Janpath Market, Latouche Road, Bhootnath Market, Kapoorthala Look Walkers Move around these places to promote the brand of the marketer.

Look Walker Branding in Lucknow is one form of advertising along with this the Look Walker Branding Agency will provide other forms of advertising like Bus Branding, Auto Branding, Corporate Branding, Bus Shelter Branding, Cup Branding, Billboard Branding, Multiplex and Mall Branding, Coffee shops and Retail Outlet, Etc.

Our client will be dealing with experienced people who have a very good understanding of the market. The Look Walker Branding agency like Ginger Media Group who exist in the market for a long time having a good experience as they completed more than 175 projects all over India. This company helps your brand to create a brand image in the mind of people.

An agency like Ginger Media group they are one of the successful agencies having a good amount of experience as they have worked on multiple projects all over India. To put your advertisement on a Look Walker there must be a proper conversation between the executive and the advertiser. The discussion between executive and marketer will be regarding the content to be published on the advertisement, Duration of ad displayed, images used in an ad, no. of promoter required to promote the brand etc.

Understanding the need of your ad the agency will help you to finalize the plan and execute it. Based on the requirements of the advertiser, the representative from the agency will provide all the available options and a well-planned strategy to build your brand. Look Walker Branding agency in Lucknow is the first point of contact to execute your advertisement on Look Walker. The Look Walker branding agency has all the information like Which are in the city has more shopping malls, Opening and closing time of stores, etc.

This type of advertisement is offline generally, it is carried for approximately 6 hours a day. To advertise a particular brand the agency can hire 1 or more person to promote the brand. For More details contact the Look Walker Branding Agency Like Ginger Media Group. Feel free to contact us contact us at contact@gingermediagroup.com or call at +91 888 444 2846.

The material used in making a billboard for Look Walker Branding is an aluminium frame with an acrylic sheet. The most common colour used is black. The Billboard carried by the Look Walker promoter is in rectangular shape which can be carried on the back of the person promoting the brand. The Size and Design of the Billboard carried by the Look Walker promoter in Lucknow of is 4 X 1.5 Feet.

Look Walker Advertising delivers the brand message attractively and effectively. Look Walker Advertising is a better option to reach the target audience compared to other forms of advertising. Look Walker Advertising gives excellent reach through high traffic. Look Walker Advertising is very good for the metro region. The consumer easily turns towards the look Walkers and pay attention to the message displayed.

The creatives are printed and put on both sides of the board leave an everlasting impact on the audience. Look Walker strolls with the target group and establishes an exceptional connection. Look Walker advertising is a very flexible form of advertising and it can gain the highest recall rate. Look Walker Branding is executed near the retail Store or shopping hub or place in the city where shopping malls, retail store or small Vendors sell their products.

The cost of the Look Walker Branding depends upon the number of quantities order and several Look Walker Promoters are hired for branding a product or service. Also, the billboard used for promoting on the back of person carry and time spent by them will affect the cost of branding.

For more details contact us at contact@gingermediagroup.com or call at +91 888 444 2846. As the executive can provide you with the specific details of Look Walker Branding.

Look Walker is the most creative marketing technique also called ad Walker, Walking Billboard, I- Walker, and Promotional Walker. Look walker walks in the targeted catchment area, which attracts and engages the targeted audience. Look walker is one of the innovative marketing solutions, which is used for all kinds of businesses including start-ups that are very budget-friendly. There different types of Billboards carried by the Look Walker Promoter they are as follows

  • Printed Look Walker, For Advertising: Apart from LED Look Walker, the Marketer can also select Printed Look Walker Billboard where the advertisement is printed on the Billboard and the cost of it is lesser than the LED Look Walker Advertising. This form of advertising is budget-friendly.
  • Flex Look Walker Advertising: Flex Look Walker Advertising is the type where the Look Walker Promoter While holding the Flex to get publicity for the brand the is being advertised by the Look Walker. The Advertisement printed on the flex has a clear message that the marketer wants his target audience to read.
  • Look Walker for Advertising: This type of advertising is where the existing product or services is displayed on the brand. Also, the newly launched product or service can be promoted by the Look Walker Advertiser in the targeted area.
  • Look Walker for Promotion: Look Walker Branding for promotion means that the marketer who implements the offers, schemes or seasonal discount on their product or service will opt for Look Walker Advertising for promotion as it has the highest recall rate.
  • LED Look Walker: LED Look Walker refers to the Billboards carried by the Look Walker Promoter. The message displayed on the LED screen leaves a great impact on the minds of the audience as the message displayed on the screen will be attractive and unique. Look Walkers comprise a board with LED lighting on both front and back sides.

The Look Walker Branding agency understands the importance of Branding and advertising very well. It provides you with creative tailor-made solutions for Look Walker advertisements in India, helping you present your brand to potential customers and building a memorable image in minds of the target audience and compete with your competitors. This being an innovative and creative advertising arrangement helps in pulling in and drawing in the target audience. look Walker directly communicates and talks with the crowd to grab their eye. Here are some benefits of Look Walker Advertisement.

  • High impact: Look Walker Advertisement leaves a high impact on the audience. As Look Walker Branding creates a brand image in minds of the audience and creates the urge to return to the particular brand for more information this can lead to sales.
  • Cost: Look Walker Branding is the most Budget-friendly form of Advertisement. The marketer can reach its target audience on a low budget and get high impressions. The Look Walker Advertisement cost will depend on the number of people hired to advertise the product, the design used to display the message, etc.
  • Direct conversation: The promotional message is conveyed to the customers directly. The personal level of communication is high as the advertisement is displayed at the ground level. The Strolling look walker legitimately speaks and communicates the brand message to the consumer.
  • Response rate: The Look Walker Advertisement has the highest recall rate as it is transparent and clear for the target audience. At the same time, if the consumer wants to know about the product or service, they can stop and communicate with the Look Walkers for more information.
  • High visibility: The consumer easily turns towards the look Walkers and pay attention to the message displayed. The visibility of Look Walker branding is high also the walkers move from one place to another. The chance of getting a repetitive impression is high.