Why Paper Cup Advertising is the best way for Brand Promotion

When a brand embarks on a marketing campaign, they effectively want to reach its target audience. For this, Paper Cup Advertising works best for brand promotion.

While most brands know to whom they want to sell their product or service, they’re often left clueless when it comes to choosing an advertising medium. This is mainly because of the large number of marketing strategies that exist today.

However, if you are looking to address a target audience across different segments, paper cup advertising works for brand promotion.

Effective Marketing Strategies to Reach Target Audience

College Students:

Unlike any other target market, college students are constantly on the move and constantly connected. The core college target audience is between 18-25 years old. As young adults, they know what they want and thus persuading them is difficult using run-of-the-mill mediums. Since most students spend time in the canteen or cafeteria on campus, brands can leverage Paper Cup Advertising to reach out to them. Every time a student reaches out to buy a cup of coffee, tea or any other beverage, they will be greeted with a colourful paper cup that has your brand message on it. Also, college students today are digitally dependent.

A brand can always put a QR code on the paper cup that directs the audience to a website or mobile app. Video-on-demand apps, ticketing platforms, coaching centres, fast-food joints, cab aggregators, food-tech apps, and fashion brands can tap the potential of paper cup advertising to reach out to college students.

Corporate Employees – Paper Cup Advertising:

Reaching out to corporate employees can be difficult because of their busy schedules. They often shut out anything that is screaming for attention. However, the tea break or lunch break is the best time to capture their attention. They’re the most alert at that time and forget about their work for a good 30 to 60 minutes.

A paper cup ad placed in a corporate office immediately improves the quality of traffic. Whether the advertising brand appeals to them or not, a discussion around it will definitely take place. For example, An ad for an infertility clinic may not be of any relevance to all the employees.

However, the employee who comes across the ad may tell his friend or relative about it who is actually suffering from infertility. Also, when you offer corporate employees coupon codes, discount coupons and freebies, you’re automatically building positive word-of-mouth marketing for your brand.

During lunchtime in offices, a paper cup ad with a coupon code will instantly become a topic of discussion. As one person passes the word around to his colleagues, more people will become interested in what you’re selling.

gingercup paper cup advertising in Bangalore

Inflight Branding – Paper Cup Advertising:

Branded paper cups in airlines catch the attention of the passengers instantly and entice them to learn more. When you advertise to a traveller, your brand is not only viewed by him/her but also by the person on the next seat. It is an effective way to reach out to HNIs or businessmen who cannot be reached out to otherwise. During the duration of the flight, their attention span is at its peak which will make them respond to the message. Cup branding is the best way to engage with annual traffic of 13 million on flights.

Cup branding in Airlines-In-flight Advertising-Gingercup
Image Source: Google

Branding inside running trains:

If your brand appeals to the masses, the best way to capture their attention is by advertising in a railway station. At the Indian Railways, every single day thousands of paper cups are used to serve chai, coffee, milk and water. With paper cup advertising on railways, brands can reach out to passengers, pedestrians, commuters and families that travel together.

For example: Inside a moving train, the advertising brand may not appeal to the parents, but may be of relevance to the children. It gives the ‘aam janta’ a chance to leverage the benefits of your brand.

paper cup branding in railways stations

  1. Image Source: Google


Apart from the above touchpoints, brands can also effectively engage with their target audience in shopping malls, hospitals, paan shops and local tea stalls. Since India is primarily a tea-drinking nation, the phenomenon of ‘chai pe charcha’ is pretty common at local tea stalls.

The practice of a large number of people gathering around ‘chai wallahs’ to discuss daily happenings is an age-old thing. By circulating branded paper cups to tea vendors your marketing message becomes a talking point.

tea cup marketing by GingerCup

With so many marketing strategies and channels available today, it is important for brands to identify a platform that will give them worth of their time and money.

GingerCup is tied up with 750+ corporate companies that include MNCs, SMEs, Start-ups, Co-working spaces and Food Courts of tech parks, 1100+ colleges, 60+ Hospitals, Shopping Malls, 7 Airlines (International and Domestic) and Premium trains (Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto) across India.

We give your brand the visibility it needs without being lost in the clutter of every other brand.

If you want to take your brand places, reach out to us at contact@www.gingercup.com. We’ll make sure your brand message reaches the right people.

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