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Today, big players in the market are playing it hard in the online segment by flooding social media websites with sponsored ads while the small players are looking for a proven and effective way to boost their return on investment. The best way for small players or start-ups to increase their significant brand exposure is by advertising on paper cups.

Creative Paper Cup Marketing

Paper cup marketing and branded paper cups have been shown to give a greater positive conception of the brand in a cost-effective way. Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in society. People drink 3 cups of coffee per day on average.

Branding on paper cups offers brands a dynamic and targeted form of marketing that land directly in the hands of the target audience.

Today, brands all around the world are engaging in paper cup marketing inside corporates and colleges. Paper cup marketing in India is also gaining momentum.

In this blog, we’re going to be discussing incredibly creative examples of paper cup marketing carried out around the world.

How does it work?

Sephora promoted the Store Opening with a Lipstick Smear on a Paper Cup

The Sephora campaign was carried out in the streets of New York. Every coffee vendor in the Manhattan financial district was given white paper cups smeared with a bright pink lipstick mark near the rim. The campaign involved the distribution of 250,000 paper cups. Each time a customer came to satisfy their morning boost of caffeine, they were handed over the lipstick-smeared coffee cup.

Image result for lipstick smear coffee cup

At first, many were taken aback. However, within a few seconds, people started applauding the beauty retailer. The lipstick imprint on the coffee cup was part of the campaign to promote Sephora’s latest New York store opening. The reason the company used a relatively inexpensive way to gain attention in the market was to cut through all the outdoor marketing clutter. Paper cups worked well with this particular store opening because the location is in Manhattan’s financial district, where people work long hours and drink coffee all day. Customer’s loved the clever twist on the everyday item.

A creative marketing campaign like this was held by GingerCup for Clovia.

Clovia paper cup marketing

Source: GingerCup

The ‘Headline News’ Cup Sleeve

Gulf News (a leading English daily newspaper) in UAE partnered with Tim Hortons, a leading multinational fast food restaurant. The aim of the campaign was to reach out to more readers and convert them into subscribers. The direct marketing campaign connected freshly brewed coffee and fresh news.

Since fresh news goes well with fresh coffee, every Tim Hortons customer received a coffee cup, with the headline of the hour imprinted on the coffee sleeve. A special printer pulled out tweets from the Twitter handle of Gulf news. The coffee cup sleeve had a short URL and QR code that directed the coffee drinkers to the Gulf News website where they could read the full story.

The campaign won more than 2,400 Gulf News Twitter followers, and traffic on the website grew by 37% within the first two weeks of the campaign. Close to 1,440 headline tweets were printed on 840,000 coffee cups. The paper cup marketing campaign by Gulf News enabled them to deliver breaking news to potential subscribers and, also make meaningful connections with them.

Therefore, whatever your business may be, paper cup marketing can come to your advantage, as it has come for others. To run your own coffee cup advertising campaign call +91-888 444 2846/47.

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