Billboard Branding in Lucknow

Billboard Branding in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Billboard Branding in Lucknow is very effective in spreading Brand awareness among the audiences. The Advertisers can also opt for Digital Billboard that is designed to display the running text, Alternate option is to present several different displays of the same company or various company’s ad.

Billboard Advertising is very effective in spreading Brand awareness among the audiences. The messages Displayed on the Billboard should be readable and catchy so that people passing by can read them in a very short time. Also, use images and brilliant colour in Billboard advertisement.

The Smart way of advertising your newly launched product or the existing product is Billboard Branding in Lucknow. Billboard Advertisement stays up for at least 1 month. In premium location, Billboard advertisement is also available to be booked for single one day, weekly etc.

Billboard outdoor advertisement is the most effective and one of the popular ways to market the product or service. It will increase the brand awareness about your business.

Understanding the concern of the Advertiser with respect to Advertisement of their Brand, The Billboard Branding Agency will share information related to Ad’s that will be displayed on Hoarding’s for example the images used, text message in advertisement, Placement of Billboard etc through following platforms.

  • Facebook: To monitor the Billboard Branding the agency shares the ad details like Billboard branding images, text message in advertisement, Placement of Billboard through the social media page of Facebook.
  • WhatsApp: The Advertiser can monitor his Billboard advertising details such as Images taken for advertisement, Content written for advertising the Product or Brand, Area where the billboard is placed Via WhatsApp which will be sent by the Billboard Branding Agency.
  • Instagram: The Professional will choose social media platforms like Instagram to share the details of Billboard Branding which includes Images taken for advertisement, Content written for advertising the Product or Brand, Area where the billboard is placed.
  • E-mail: Email is a professional way of communication used by the Billboard Branding Agency to share Images, Content written for advertising the Product or Brand, Area where the billboard is placed.

In Lucknow, Chinhat, Indiranagar, Chowk, Vibhuti Khand, etc. are some of the places where Billboard Advertising can be executed. Two major national highways have their intersection at Lucknow’s Hazratganj intersection. The placement of Billboard on highway creates great impression of the brand. It is the 11th most populous city in India, with a population of 3.6 million. Billboards are placed to display the advertisement of the advertiser. There are 28 National highways in Lucknow.

Lucknow has been flourished as artistic hub and a tourist spot for many years. It can help to build a brand image amongst local customers who become familiar with your brand by seeing your Advertisement on a Billboard displayed on the highways and local streets. It is an effective Marketing tool which helps business and services to build a market-friendly image among targeted audience.

The Outdoor Advertisement leave a great impact on the audience who come across the Advertisement in different form like Bus Branding, Look Walkers, Malls/Cinemas, Cup Branding, Etc. For more details related to various forms of branding Advertiser can contact agencies like Ginger Media Group.

Build Trust among the audience and show your presence in Market using various forms of Branding. We are here to grow your brand every day and leave an image in people's mind in less time.

To put your Advertisement on the Billboard you need to identify the target audience you want to reach and the time. In this step, the presence of your existing brand or the new product or brand entering into the market has to identify the people they want to reach. Once decided on the concept of your Advertisement, you have to contact the Billboard Branding Agency.

The Billboard Branding Agency has all the information concerning Billboard Branding like the number of Billboards in the city, its reach to the audience, etc. They will create an advertisement in such a way which leaves a good impression on the people watching it. The colour combination used for the Billboard advertisement, the message that is readable in a short time, Images used for Ad, Etc. will be noted by the Billboard Branding Agency.

Some criteria to be followed to design the advertisement of Billboard are no pure white backgrounds should be used, fonts must be clear and easy to read, No more than 7-10 words.

Billboard Advertising can be of different Size like SIZE: 25 X 30, SIZE: 30 X 40, SIZE: 25 X 12, SIZE: 52 X 12 are used to place large advertisements which consist of images, message and product that is advertised. SIZE: 15 X 15, SIZE: 20 X 20, SIZE: 30 X 30 these sizes are usually placed at different locations in the city. The Advertiser can select the size of Billboard Branding according to their requirements.

A digital billboard is a billboard that displays digital images and digital videos that are changed by a computer every few seconds. Digital billboards are primarily used for advertising to display the existing brand or the new brand which entered the market.

To Advertise your digital Billboard, the organisation has to contact Billboard Advertising Agency to proceed with the advertisement. In same loop several Ads can be displayed. They reach a moving audience - drivers, pedestrians, and commuters.

The Cost of Billboard Advertising in Lucknow ranges between Rs. 28,000 to Rs. 83,000 per month depending upon the type of billboard advertising selected by the advertiser. The factor of Billboard advertisement varies according to the type of Advertisement.

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Billboard Branding is one of the largest outdoor advertising structures mostly found in High-traffic areas. A Billboard Branding is also known as hoarding in some parts of the world. The large Advertisement displayed on Billboard is successful in gaining the attention of the audience like passing pedestrians, Drivers driving two-wheeler, three-wheeler or four-wheeler. About 71% of consumers have are engaged with these roadside ads. Here are the most common types of billboards:

  • Interactive Billboards: Integrating interactivity in outdoor advertising puts a whole new dimension of engagement for brands.
  • Augmented Reality Billboards: Augmented reality is one of the progressive technological advancements that is now used in marketing.
  • Static Billboards: These Billboards are seen on the roadside targeting the people travelling by the road. It is subtle and more welcoming to consumers. This form of outdoor advertising targets motorists rushing to their destination.
  • Mobile Billboards: Mobile billboards have the advantage of being able to go where the crowd is. Mobile billboards are becoming a more popular type of outdoor advertising, they’re often seen on the side of buses or wrapped on cars.
  • Digital Billboards: Digital billboards have the advantage of being able to display videos and animations, making them significantly more eye-catching. Creativity in Displaying your video ad will get more impressions.

Billboard Branding is the most preferrable type of branding because it has maximum reach to target Audience in Very less time. Understanding the need of the advertiser the Billboard Branding Agency will avail all the details related to Billboard Advertising.

  • Billboards Work 24/7: The Billboard Advertising is displayed through out day and night due to this it will provide repeated exposure to the same passenger multiple times.
  • Billboards Have A High Return On Investment: Your Brand can get most Impressions as the Billboard Advertisement has high engagement and visibility of the Advertise displayed.
  • Volume: The Number of people using road transport either private transport or public transport which helps in creating brand Awareness among the consumers.
  • Billboards Appeal To All Ages: The Advertiser can reach people of his segment, people of all age group can view these advertisement, advertisers strive to foster a relationship with the youth market.
  • Visibility: Billboard branding will increase the visibilty of the brand to every individual. Given the number of commuters and drivers on the road, this advertising medium is effective in catching the attention of the target audience.