Whatsapp Marketing

Optimise your sales with Whatsapp marketing!

If you’re looking for a fool-proof tactic to ensure your promotional messages are opened and read, Whatsapp marketing is the answer. As users spend maximum time on this app, it is a relatively new and uncluttered medium to give out your brand message. While it can serve as a great survey tool to collect feedback from customers, it also allows you to send images, e-books, brochures and catalogs, videos, audio, links, location and documents.

  • Message alerts for high engagement
  • Uncluttered marketing environment
  • Low opt-outs, high conversion metrics
  • Cost-free
  • Connect to the audience one-on-one

SMS Marketing

Direct and accurate way of reaching your target customers!

Leverage on the speed and ease of a text message to reach out to your target audience. Whether you want to introduce a new product or keep your customers informed about an ongoing promotion or development, SMS marketing is a clear and concise way to communicate effectively. From bulk SMS services to transactional and promotional SMS services, we have a user-friendly platform to get it done.

  • 2-way messaging
  • Robust infrastructure and delivery rate
  • Authentic real-time reports
  • A comprehensive range of SMS APIs
  • Competitive pricing and 24/7 customer support