Bus Branding

Make use of non-stop city traffic to your brand’s advantage!

Over 60% of your target audience sees at least one transit ad within minutes of stepping out. Depending on the city you are targeting, we offer various placement possibilities and a large canvas area for brand advertising inside and outside the bus.

  • Faster brand outreach
  • Cannot be ignored, turned off or skipped
  • Extensive coverage – all through the day and night
  • Strategically placed and eye-catching design
  • Ideal for mass brands

Auto Branding

Putting your brand on the big city streets!

Stand out from a clutter of billboards and kiosks with a moving branding medium that is a part of every city. Advertising on the auto hood or back panel garners many eyeballs. With an auto rickshaw moving around the whole city, you can be assured of wide exposure and reach for your brand.

  • Faster brand outreach
  • Easy to target people across various demographics
  • Cost-effective for small and medium brands
  • City-wide ad visibility
  • Enhanced exposure during traffic hour

Mobile Van Display

Putting your brand in different places at different times!

With mobile van display ads, your brand is not limited to a fixed place like in the case of a large hoarding. Based on your target group and specific location, the van moves across the city to promote your brand and make it popular. It is the most effective way of reaching out to a large number of audiences.

  • Long-lasting visual impression
  • Ability to reach a wide audience
  • Ideal for targeting local areas and specific markets
  • Brand awareness and brand recall
  • Moving billboard



Tricycle Branding

Tricycle advertisements are visible at eye level, making it impossible to miss them!

Tricycle branding is a more recent kind of transit advertising that is now accessible in several cities. In this method of advertising, we involve the use of tricycles with specific boxes with advertisements that slowly travel along predetermined routes. These tricycles are designed by us, especially for advertising. The advertising, holding and delivering business opportunities that tri-cycle branding offers are virtually limitless.

  • holds viewers' attention for a longer period than any conventional media
  • has a creative design
  • helps in boosting brand recall and retention
  • brand recognition
  • more cost-effective

Cab Branding

Unleash creative opportunities for your brand with mobile out-of-home!

Reach out to the masses in a creative and eye-catching way with moving displays on cabs or taxis. An ideal way to grow your business and enhance brand awareness, cab advertising offers numerous possibilities. From external cab wraps to danglers, car mesh and digital ads on the in-cab entertainment technology, we do it all.

  • Maximum visibility and reach
  • Uninterrupted ads for maximum impact
  • Quick visibility among riders
  • Builds an instant impression and facilitates brand recall
  • Enhanced CTA

Metro Branding

Reaching out diverse audience through metro branding!

Metro branding is a terrific strategy to improve your brand's reputation and increase visibility. We provide services for placing advertisement posters, billboards, banners, and digital displays in abundance at metro stations. Due to the enormous foot traffic that metro trains see, there is a great demand for train advertising. As a result, target audiences respond better to advertisements on metro trains than they do to other outdoor advertising mediums. 

  • draw attention from all along the metro route
  • achieving the goal of brand exposure
  • improves brand retention 
  • reach diverse audience
  • Usage of customer’s waiting time