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Advertising in the Pro Kabaddi League

Despite brands cutting back on ad spending due to inflationary pressures, PDE

`KL Season 9, kicking off on October 7 will see a 12% increase in ad rates compared to 2021. Rates will reach ₹1.25 lakh per 10 seconds for the league stage and ₹1.60 lakh per 10 seconds for the playoffs and finals. This season's revenue is expected to surge from ₹120 crore last year to around ₹150 crore, reflecting the league's growing financial prowess.

Last season, PKL logged a cumulative TV audience of 227 million and an OTT reach of 148 million. While no estimate is available for OTT audience growth, advertisers anticipate the TV audience to surpass 275 million in Season 9. Season 8 was broadcast on Star Sports, Star Maa Gold, and Star Suvarna Plus, with live streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, showcasing the league’s extensive reach across multiple platforms.

The upcoming season has set new benchmarks for player fees, with top Indian player Pawan Sehrawat becoming the most expensive player, signed by Tamil Thalaivas for ₹2.26 crore. This rising star status of players highlights the league's increasing popularity. "Over the next few years, we might see the top scorers also getting endorsement deals if the brand fit is right," says Gunnidhi Singh Sareen, VP of Marketing at Head Digital Works (A23), underlining the league's growing influence in the sports marketing landscape.

Benefits of Advertising in Pro Kabaddi League

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) has emerged as one of India's most popular sports leagues, drawing in millions of viewers and fans from all corners of the country. 

For brands looking to advertise, PKL offers a unique platform that combines a diverse audience, high visibility, positive associations, cost-effectiveness, and multiple advertising options. Here's an in-depth look at the benefits of advertising in the PKL.

Reach a Diverse and Engaged Audience

One of the most compelling reasons to advertise during the PKL is its ability to reach a diverse and engaged audience. The league boasts a large fanbase that spans urban and rural areas, cutting across various demographics. This diverse viewership is not only extensive but also deeply passionate about the sport. Advertising during PKL matches allows brands to connect with this enthusiastic group, which can be a valuable customer base for many products and services.

The PKL's audience includes a mix of young and old, male and female, with a significant portion being young adults who are prime targets for many advertisers. This demographic is known for its spending power and brand loyalty. By tapping into this engaged audience, brands can build strong connections and foster long-term relationships. Moreover, the interactive nature of modern advertising, combined with the passionate following of PKL, ensures high engagement levels, making advertisements more effective.

Increase Brand Visibility

The PKL enjoys significant viewership on national television channels and digital platforms, providing extensive exposure for advertisers. Advertising during matches can significantly increase brand visibility, as millions of potential customers watch the games live. This broad exposure helps raise awareness and recognition for your brand, making it more likely to be remembered by viewers.

Televised matches and live streaming on platforms like Disney+ Hotstar amplify this visibility, reaching audiences who prefer consuming content online. The multi-channel broadcast strategy ensures that advertisements reach viewers wherever they are, whether they are watching on a television set at home or streaming on their mobile devices. This wide reach is invaluable for brands looking to establish a strong presence in the market and capture the attention of a broad audience.

Positive Brand Association

Kabaddi is a sport known for its fast-paced action, teamwork, and strategic elements. By associating your brand with the PKL, you can benefit from these positive attributes and create a strong brand image. The sport's values resonate with qualities like strength, agility, and unity, which can reflect positively on brands that choose to advertise during the matches.

This association can help build a positive perception of your brand, aligning it with the excitement and dynamism of kabaddi. Consumers often transfer their feelings about the sport to the brands that sponsor or advertise during the events. This positive brand association can enhance customer loyalty and improve the overall perception of your brand in the market. Being linked with a sport that values teamwork and strategy can also highlight similar qualities in your brand, making it more appealing to potential customers.

Cost-Effective Compared to Cricket

Advertising in the PKL can be more affordable compared to major cricket tournaments in India. Cricket, while immensely popular, commands high advertising rates that can be prohibitive for many brands, especially smaller ones. The PKL, on the other hand, offers a cost-effective alternative that still provides access to a large and engaged audience.

This affordability allows brands to achieve significant exposure without overspending on their advertising budget. It makes the PKL an attractive option for brands looking to maximize their return on investment. The cost-effectiveness does not come at the expense of reach or impact, as the PKL's growing popularity ensures substantial viewership and engagement. This balance of cost and effectiveness makes advertising in the PKL a strategic choice for brands aiming to optimize their marketing spend.

Multiple Advertising Options

The PKL offers a variety of advertising opportunities beyond traditional television commercials. Brands can explore stadium signage, digital ads, sponsorships, and more to create a well-rounded marketing campaign. This flexibility allows brands to tailor their advertising strategies to suit their specific goals and target audiences.

Stadium signage provides high visibility to both in-stadium audiences and television viewers, ensuring continuous brand exposure throughout the matches. Digital ads on streaming platforms and social media can engage viewers interactively, driving higher engagement and brand recall. Sponsorships of teams or players can further deepen brand associations and provide additional promotional opportunities. By leveraging these multiple advertising options, brands can create a comprehensive and integrated marketing campaign that maximizes reach and impact.

Importance of Advertising in Pro Kabaddi League

Advertising plays a crucial role in the sustainability and growth of sports leagues around the world, and the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) is no exception. As one of India's fastest-growing sports leagues, the PKL relies heavily on advertising revenue to enhance its operations and fan engagement. 

The importance of advertising in the PKL extends beyond mere financial support; it boosts the league's growth, expands the fan base, creates a spectacle, provides essential content for broadcasters, and strengthens the relationship between brands and the sport. Here's a deeper look at these critical aspects.

Boosts League's Growth

Advertising revenue is the lifeblood of the PKL, providing the financial resources necessary for the league's continued development. By attracting big brands, the PKL can significantly improve player salaries, which in turn attracts top talent and elevates the quality of the game. Higher production quality, including better broadcast technology and more engaging content, enhances the viewing experience, making the sport more appealing to both new and existing fans.

Additionally, the influx of advertising dollars allows for more comprehensive marketing campaigns, promoting the league more effectively across various media channels. This increased visibility helps the PKL gain a stronger foothold in the competitive sports market. As the league grows, so does its ability to invest in grassroots programs and youth development initiatives, ensuring a steady pipeline of talent and fostering a deeper connection with the sport at the community level. This virtuous cycle of investment and growth helps solidify Kabaddi's position as a major sport in India.

Expands Fan Base and Engagement

Compelling advertising campaigns play a vital role in attracting new viewers to the PKL and sparking their interest in Kabaddi. Effective advertisements can introduce the sport to a wider audience, highlighting its excitement and cultural significance. This not only widens the fan base but also deepens engagement by encouraging discussions and interactions online and offline.

Brand activations, social media campaigns, and interactive content related to PKL sponsorships create additional touchpoints for fans to engage with the sport. These initiatives can lead to increased viewership and participation, as fans feel more connected to the teams and players. Engaging advertisements can also prompt viewers to share their experiences on social media, further amplifying the league's reach and fostering a vibrant community of Kabaddi enthusiasts.

Creates a Spectacle

Strategic ad placements, such as jersey sponsorships and in-arena signage, have become integral parts of the PKL's visual identity. Well-designed advertisements contribute to the overall production value of the matches, making the broadcast more visually appealing and professional. These elements enhance the spectacle of the event, making it more exciting for fans to watch.

High-quality advertising can transform the viewing experience by integrating seamlessly into the broadcast, rather than interrupting it. For example, dynamic digital billboards and on-screen graphics during matches can provide real-time information and entertainment without detracting from the game itself. This synergy between the sport and its sponsors creates a more immersive and enjoyable experience for viewers, encouraging them to tune in regularly and increasing overall fan satisfaction.

Provides Content for Broadcasters

Advertising revenue is essential for broadcasters, as it fills commercial breaks during matches and provides valuable airtime for generating income. This financial support is crucial for broadcasters to continue telecasting the PKL, ensuring the sport remains accessible to a broad audience. Without this revenue, broadcasters would struggle to justify the costs of covering the league, potentially limiting its exposure.

Moreover, the presence of high-quality advertisements enhances the professionalism of the broadcast, making it more attractive to viewers and advertisers alike. This mutually beneficial relationship ensures that Kabaddi stays in the national spotlight, attracting more fans and sponsors, and driving further investment in the sport. By providing compelling content during breaks, advertisers help maintain viewer interest throughout the broadcast, reducing the likelihood of channel-switching and keeping the audience engaged.

Strengthens Brand-Sport Relationship

Partnerships between brands and the PKL foster a mutually beneficial relationship that extends beyond simple financial transactions. Brands gain significant exposure and the opportunity to connect with a passionate and diverse audience. At the same time, the PKL benefits from the positive association with reputable brands, enhancing its image and credibility.

These partnerships often involve collaborative efforts to promote both the brand and the sport, creating a shared goal of growing Kabaddi's popularity across the country. For example, brands might sponsor community outreach programs, fan engagement activities, or special events that highlight the sport and its values. This synergy helps both parties achieve their objectives, with brands benefiting from the positive emotions and excitement associated with Kabaddi, and the PKL leveraging brand support to further its mission of becoming a leading sports league in India.

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Ad Format for Advertising in Pro Kabaddi League

Advertising during the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) offers numerous formats to engage with a diverse and passionate audience. Each format presents unique advantages, catering to different marketing objectives and budget constraints.

From traditional television commercials to innovative experiential marketing, brands have a plethora of options to maximize their visibility and impact. Here’s an in-depth look at five effective ad formats for the PKL.

Television Commercials

Television commercials are a classic advertising format that reaches a massive audience during live PKL matches. Given the high viewership numbers, especially during prime time, TV ads offer unparalleled exposure. To capture the thrill of Kabaddi and create a memorable connection with viewers, commercials should employ high-energy visuals, dynamic soundtracks, and compelling narratives that reflect the intensity and excitement of the sport.

For instance, a well-crafted 30-second spot could showcase the agility and strength of Kabaddi players, highlighting the brand's association with these attributes. Including emotional and motivational elements can further enhance viewer engagement. Additionally, aligning the ad's theme with the values of teamwork and perseverance, core to Kabaddi, can resonate deeply with the audience. Consistent airing of these commercials throughout the PKL season ensures that the brand stays at the top of the mind, leveraging the league’s widespread popularity.

In-Stadium Branding

In-stadium branding offers high visibility throughout the match, providing a constant visual presence for brands. From courtside signage to LED displays, this format ensures that the brand is seen by both live audiences and millions of viewers watching the broadcast. This type of branding is ideal for creating sustained brand exposure, as it is seamlessly integrated into the match environment.

Strategically placed banners, digital boards, and floor decals can capture the attention of spectators during crucial moments of the game. Moreover, brands can enhance their visibility by sponsoring key areas like the players' benches or the scoreboards. This constant presence helps reinforce brand recognition and recall among fans, associating the brand with the excitement and energy of live Kabaddi action. In-stadium branding also offers unique photo opportunities for fans, further amplifying brand exposure through social media shares.


Sponsorships are a powerful way to achieve extensive brand exposure. By becoming an official sponsor of teams, events, or the league itself, brands gain prominent visibility through jersey logos, on-ground activations, and frequent mentions during broadcasts. Sponsorships provide a holistic advertising approach, blending direct advertising with organic integration into the sport’s ecosystem.

For example, a brand sponsoring a team can leverage the players' popularity to enhance its image. Jersey logos ensure continuous brand exposure during matches, while sponsored events or fan zones can offer interactive experiences that deepen audience engagement. Sponsorships also often include digital and social media promotions, amplifying the brand’s reach beyond the live events. This multifaceted visibility helps build a strong, positive association with the sport and its loyal fan base, fostering long-term brand loyalty.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing at PKL matches involves creating interactive experiences that directly engage fans, leaving a lasting impression. This can include interactive booths, product sampling, or skill-testing challenges that allow fans to interact with the brand in a fun and memorable way. These experiences can significantly enhance brand perception by associating it with enjoyable and engaging activities.

For instance, setting up a booth where fans can test their Kabaddi skills or participate in virtual reality simulations of a match can draw significant attention. Product sampling opportunities, like offering free merchandise or refreshments, can also create positive brand associations. Engaging fans through these interactive experiences not only increases immediate engagement but also encourages social media sharing, extending the brand’s reach beyond the stadium. This hands-on interaction helps build a personal connection with the audience, making the brand experience more memorable and impactful.

Print Ads

Print ads in niche sports magazines or regional newspapers can be an effective way to target specific demographics with high PKL viewership. These publications often have dedicated readers who are deeply interested in sports, providing a focused audience for the advertisements. Print ads can offer detailed information about the brand, its products, and its association with the PKL.

For example, a full-page ad in a popular sports magazine can feature in-depth content about the brand’s involvement with the PKL, including interviews with players, behind-the-scenes insights, or special promotions. Regional newspapers can target local fans with tailored messages that resonate with their community interests. By leveraging the credibility and focused readership of these publications, brands can enhance their visibility and connection with a dedicated audience, reinforcing their presence in the sports domain.

Best Practices for Advertising in Pro Kabaddi League

Advertising during the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) offers a unique opportunity to connect with a large and passionate audience. To maximize the effectiveness of your advertising efforts, it’s crucial to follow best practices that align with the league’s dynamics and its audience’s preferences. Here are five key best practices to ensure your PKL advertising campaign resonates well and delivers impactful results.

Align with the PKL Audience

The PKL primarily attracts a young, male audience in India, who are passionate about sports and competition. To resonate with this demographic, craft your ad message and visuals to align with their interests and aspirations. This means using themes and narratives that appeal to their love for sportsmanship, competition, and athleticism.

Consider featuring relatable characters or storylines that depict the spirit of Kabaddi. Show young, energetic individuals engaging in sports or overcoming challenges, which can mirror the dynamic nature of Kabaddi. Highlight values such as teamwork, perseverance, and agility, which are central to both Kabaddi and the lifestyle of many young viewers. By aligning your ad’s content with the audience’s passions, you create a stronger connection that can drive engagement and brand loyalty.

Leverage the Fast-Paced Action

Kabaddi is known for its quick bursts of energy and strategic plays, which can be highly engaging for viewers. Design your ads to reflect this fast-paced nature by using dynamic visuals and short, impactful messaging. Quick cuts, energetic music, and sound effects can help capture the excitement of Kabaddi and keep viewers’ attention during commercial breaks.

Ensure your ad is concise and to the point, mirroring the brief yet intense moments of action in a Kabaddi match. This approach not only captures the essence of the sport but also caters to the short attention spans typical of television and online audiences. By creating ads that echo the fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping action of Kabaddi, you can enhance viewer retention and recall.

Integrate with the PKL Ecosystem

To maximize the impact of your advertising, integrate your campaign with the broader PKL ecosystem. Don’t rely solely on broadcast ads; instead, explore multi-channel marketing opportunities that engage fans across different platforms. Run contests or promotions on social media tied to the PKL, feature popular players in your advertisements, or create interactive experiences at the stadiums.

For example, you could launch a social media campaign that encourages fans to share their favorite PKL moments for a chance to win branded merchandise or match tickets. Partnering with players for endorsements or featuring them in your ads can also create a deeper connection with the audience. Interactive stadium activations, such as branded booths or fan challenges, can enhance the live experience and create lasting impressions. These integrated efforts ensure your brand remains prominent across multiple touchpoints, fostering a stronger connection with the PKL community.

Embrace Local Flavors

Kabaddi has a strong regional presence in India, with different areas having their own local stars and fan bases. Tailor your ad campaign to resonate with specific regions where the PKL enjoys high viewership. Use local languages, feature regional players, or highlight aspects of the sport that are unique to those areas.

For instance, an ad targeting viewers in Tamil Nadu could feature popular local players like Pawan Sehrawat and include cultural elements familiar to that audience. Using regional dialects and references can make your ads more relatable and engaging, fostering a stronger emotional connection with local viewers. By embracing local flavors, you can enhance the relevance of your campaign and increase its effectiveness across diverse regions.

Measure and Refine

Successful advertising campaigns are not static; they evolve based on performance metrics and audience feedback. Track key metrics such as brand awareness, engagement rates, and website traffic to gauge the impact of your PKL advertising efforts. Use this data to analyze what’s working and what’s not, and refine your strategy accordingly.

For example, if you notice higher engagement on social media posts featuring player endorsements, consider increasing such content. If certain regions show more interest, tailor additional content to those areas. Regularly review performance data throughout the PKL season and adjust your campaigns to optimize reach and effectiveness. By continuously measuring and refining your approach, you can maximize your return on investment and ensure your advertising remains impactful and relevant.

Guide to Creating Effective Advertising in Pro Kabaddi League

Creating effective advertising during the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) requires a strategic approach that aligns with the sport's unique dynamics and its diverse, passionate audience. 

To maximize the impact of your campaign, it’s essential to consider various elements, from understanding the audience to leveraging the excitement of the matches. Here are seven key points to guide you in crafting compelling advertising for the PKL.

Understand the PKL Audience

The PKL primarily attracts a young, male demographic in India, who are passionate about sports and competition. To resonate with this audience, it’s crucial to craft your ad messages and visuals that align with their interests and aspirations. 

This means incorporating themes of athleticism, teamwork, and resilience. Utilize characters or storylines that reflect the viewers' lives and aspirations, highlighting the excitement and challenges of sports. Engaging this audience effectively can result in higher engagement and brand loyalty.

Leverage the Excitement of the Game

Kabaddi is known for its fast-paced, high-energy action. Your advertisements should reflect this dynamic nature to capture and retain viewer attention. Use quick cuts, energetic music, and powerful sound effects to mirror the sport's intensity. 

Short, impactful messages that can be easily remembered will resonate well during the high-energy breaks in the game. This approach ensures that your advertisement stands out and keeps viewers engaged.

Integrate Multi-Channel Marketing

To maximize your advertising impact, integrate your campaign across multiple channels. Beyond TV ads, use social media platforms, digital content, and live stadium experiences to create a cohesive and immersive brand presence. 

Run contests or promotions tied to the PKL, feature popular players in your ads, and create interactive stadium experiences. Multi-channel integration helps in maintaining continuous engagement with the audience, enhancing brand recall and loyalty.

Embrace Local Flavors

Kabaddi has a strong regional appeal in India, with different areas having their own local heroes and cultural nuances. Tailor your advertising campaign to resonate with specific regions by using local languages, featuring regional players, and incorporating cultural elements familiar to those audiences. 

This localized approach makes your ads more relatable and engaging, fostering a deeper connection with the viewers in different regions.

Focus on Storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful tool in advertising, especially in a sport-centric campaign. Create narratives that connect emotionally with the audience. Tell stories of players overcoming challenges, the community coming together, or the excitement of match days. 

Emotional and inspirational stories can resonate deeply with viewers, creating a lasting impression and a strong emotional bond with your brand.

Utilize Player Endorsements

Featuring PKL players in your advertisements can significantly boost credibility and engagement. Players are seen as heroes and role models, and their endorsement can lend authenticity to your brand. 

Use players in commercials, social media campaigns, and on-ground activations. Their involvement can draw their fans' attention to your brand and create a positive association with the values embodied by the athletes, such as strength, agility, and determination.

Measure and Optimize

Effective advertising requires continuous measurement and optimization. Track key performance metrics such as brand awareness, engagement rates, and sales conversions. Use these insights to refine your campaign in real time, ensuring it remains relevant and impactful.

Analyze what works best in terms of ad content, timing, and placement, and adjust your strategy accordingly. This iterative process ensures you get the most out of your advertising budget and achieve your desired outcomes.

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