Appeal to an audience from diverse backgrounds with sensitive yet meaningful messaging!

Healthcare is a sensitive advertising space and thus we bring out meaningful outdoor formats that will strike the right chords within the target group. It is great for point-of-purchase advertising to boost the sales of relevant products and services.

  • Ads displayed in hospitals have a high credibility factor
  • Ideal for medical start-ups, fitness centers and pharmacies
  • Various possibilities such as kiosks, danglers, glass panels, coffee cups and more

Fitness Centres

Reach out to people during a time when their feel-good endorphins are activated!

Branding inside health clubs and gyms is a great way to reach an active demographic who are interested in products and services that support their lifestyle. Offering a gamut of possibilities within the gym and outside such as restrooms and locker rooms, brands can also roll out gender-specific ads in an intimate environment.

  • Ideal to reach the target group with an active lifestyle
  • Target specific genders in an intimate environment
  • Large impact and clutter-free medium
  • Opportunities for sampling or promotional events
  • Reach out to people that have the means to spend on personal appearance