Email Marketing

Powerful email marketing tactics to make sure you appear directly in your customer’s inbox!

Sending the same email to your entire database is not going to give great results. We personalize and tailor email messages based on where your audience is in the sales funnel and how they’ve engaged with your company in the recent past. Whether you want to enhance brand awareness or establish a relationship with your target group, email marketing is the silver lining your company needs.

  • Idea generation and strategy
  • Interactive templates
  • Optimal send times
  • A/B testing
  • Highly effective and low cost


Helping you generate sales-ready leads one call at a time!

At every step of the sales journey, sourcing new leads can be an overwhelming process. We step in to help you generate leads and build a robust sales pipeline with our top-notch telemarketing services. While you handle important aspects of your business, our telemarketers, consultants and agents are there to make calls to your customers on behalf of your company.

  • Maximise new customer acquisition
  • Execute new sales-centric strategies
  • Geo-specific teams with native language competency
  • Highly flexible and tailored to your budget
  • Effective cross-selling and upselling tool