Cup Branding in Bangalore, Karnataka

Cup branding is an innovative clutter-free advertising medium that brings your brand closer to your customers. It is an effective and engaging medium to get the message across and start a conversation around the brand. Branding a cup is becoming more profitable. Visibility and engagement are high, so it makes an incredible place to plug a brand. This cost-effective method of advertising helps to get you your dream amount of target customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Tea/Coffee cup advertising in Bangalore?
Branded/Advertised paper cups are used by corporate companies, colleges, trade shows and businesses on a regular basis. Running a marketing campaign on a coffee cup gives a start-up the advantage of landing directly into the hands of the target audience. In a corporate setting, tea and coffee drinkers like to enjoy their drink for a good 10-15 minutes.
2What are the cup printing designs in Bangalore?
We have done cup branding for many companies, you can check the design of those paper cups in the 'our projects' section of the website of Ginger Media Group.
3Is Tea/Coffee Cup Advertising popular in Bangalore?
Tea/Coffee Cup Advertising is very popular in Bangalore. People enjoy watching and discussing the ads which are visible on Paper cups. Their social media is full of paper cups stories.
4How much does Paper cup advertising cost in Bangalore?
Cost depends on the Number of Cups to Advertise and the type of Cups used. For more details Say Hello at +91 888 444 2846 or Reach Our Inbox - at or Come See Us - At no. 1, Second Floor, Opp. BMTC Depot, Hennur Main Road, HBR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka: 560043 )
5What is the minimum campaign duration for Cup Branding in Bangalore?
The minimum campaign duration for paper cup branding can be for 1 week. It depends on Companies to Companies, and how longer they want their impact on their target audience.
6What are the options available for brand advertisement as a Cup branding agency in Bangalore?

Main options available for brand advertisement as a Cup branding agency in Bangalore are-

  • Coffee Cup Branding: The most opted option for Paper cup branding includes the ads on the coffee cups. Like a morning cup of caffeine has become a necessity for people, consuming 2-4 cups of coffee is mandatory for coffee lovers. Cups are flexible enough to enter into any space, whether it’s a college or hospital, corporate or cafeteria, targeting a maximum number of customers. The size of the cup printing is the same as the size of the teacup in which you are consuming your morning and evening tea.
  • Tea Cup Branding: Another optimum option can be teacup branding. Tea is not just a beverage but an emotion for people. In our tea-loving nation, tea is a daily habit of people other than coffee. The designed teacups which are branded, and made available in different places will make your brand reach its target audience.
  • Water Cup Branding: Nowadays cups are available in the water station for people to drink water. Incorporating offices and hospitals, this system is mostly available. Using customized paper cups instead of normal cups can act as an exciting marketing opportunity for the brand. Juice cup branding is also done in some areas.
7How is the Cup Branding campaign monitored in Bangalore?
We share cup printing images along with details of places, where we are providing paper cups, with you through Email, WhatsApp, etc. And if required we can also share the same with any other Social Media Platform also.
8What are the various types of Branding opportunities other than cup branding available in Bangalore?
Check out the list of Clientele who have used Cup branding on our website under the projects section. Along with Cup Branding, various types of branding opportunities available in Bangalore are Auto Branding, Bus Branding, Lookwalkers, Mall/cinema, etc. We pride ourselves on our return customers, and we love it when we see clients tell us about the great ROI that they have received.
9What is the size and Design of Paper cup Branding in Bangalore?
The size of the cups can be 90 ml and 150 ml. It depends on the location and the facility that is using it. According to the sizes the designs are made. Our Design team helps in choosing the design for cups.
10How to start Cup Branding in Bangalore?
The answer is simple, Contact an agency that can do Paper cup branding successfully, can track records and who have previous experience. For City like Bangalore, which can be very crucial for your campaign, think wisely to whom to connect with.
11Where Cup Branding can be executed in Bangalore?
Paper cups are Non-traditional advertising in Bangalore. In Bangalore, it gives more options of space to advertise by providing cup printing near you. Paper Cup advertising can be executed at popular areas and locality levels like Koramangala, Whitefield, J P Nagar, Jayanagar, Electronic city, Vasant Nagar, and others. And also streets like Chickpet, Mamulpet and more. Bangalore covers an area location of 709 km^2. More than 900 IT firms, 148 theatres, and 200+ colleges are there in the city. The study says 98% of tea/coffee consumers remember the ads on their teacups and what they read on them. So it is worth printing ads on the paper cups.
12Why Cup Branding services in Bangalore are very preferable amongst the businesses?
    Cup Branding is preferable because:
  • Cost-Effective: It is a cost-effective medium of advertising. The operating cost of your company will get reduced as the paper cups are distributed to its client free of cost. You can start with minimum investment and benefit more from it. For printing the cups, the company uses a cup printing machine which is the company’s asset. The Cup printing machine price acts as the long-term investment cost of the company. The Cup printing price is as low as buying candy.
  • High Engagement: Paper cups will remain 5-7minutes in the hand of the customers providing a long-lasting effect on them rather than any other medium of advertising.
  • Newness: It is a new clutter-free media for advertising which has some originality associated with it. Cup printing designs are according to the client’s desire and what fits well with their brand.
  • Sustainable: This media is promoting a safe environment by providing biodegradable paper cups which are made of ITC paperboards and ink of food-grade equivalent, contributing towards the sustainability of Mother Earth. The disposable cup branding uses reusable coffee/tea cups for serving beverages to people. Paper cup printing is much safer than plastic cup branding.
  • Sentimental: As people have some sentiments attached to the tea and coffee when the brand's ads are printed on their tea/coffee cups, they subconsciously pass on good and positive feelings onto your brand ultimately bring you a satisfactory amount of potential customers.