June 7, 2019

Top Healthcare Marketing Strategies for 2019

Here are some emerging trends, hospitals and healthcare marketers need to focus on: Patients want healthcare websites to incorporate tools such as online scheduling, bill pay, e-visits and the ability to renew prescriptions online. Video marketing will continue to explode as a marketing medium. A video on the landing page of a website is likely to increase conversions by 80%. Strategies will have to be framed keeping in mind the millennial patient. This segment insists on convenience and thus is likely to react only to mediums that appeal to them. Online reviews will become more important than ever and thus it is important for healthcare marketers to encourage their happy patients to speak out for their brand. https://www.gingercup.com/blog/top-healthcare-marketing-strategies-for-2019/
April 13, 2019

Choosing the best marketing agency (Free checklist + 6 Tips)

Checklist for Selecting a Marketing Agency What services do they provide? What is their area of expertise? Have they achieved phenomenal results for their clients? What are other clients saying about their services? Do their cultural values align with your company? Do they use the latest tools and resources to achieve results? What is their client retention rate? https://www.gingercup.com/blog/tips-to-choose-right-marketing-agency/