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OLA and Uber cabs are a popular way of commuting among the urban cities of the country. Over 40% of India have OLA or Uber apps installed on their phones and Uber currently has presence in more than 58 cities of India while OLA serves in more than 250 cities of the country allowing brands to achieve high reach and capture a larger market size. Car Advertising however is not just restricted to OLA or Uber cabs. You can advertise taxis, private commercial cars as well. Delhi alone has more than 1 lakh taxis on the streets and over 290 million vehicles were registered in 2019. Car branding in simple words is mobile advertising. Now, wherever the car goes, the brand follows. Car advertising is proven to generate good ROI in the long run.

It is a perfect way to target corporate and office-going audiences and can help you in developing a better customer base with never-ending exposure for your brand. Car branding can be a simple sticker to a full car wrap depending upon your branding needs. Vehicle branding consists of different types of vehicles like cars, cabs, trucks, auto-rickshaws and more. It can be executed in different ways like full wrapping, side wrapping and back wrapping and in different materials.

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Benefits of Car Advertising

Using Car Branding in your business' marketing strategy can help you attain the following benefits in your marketing campaign:

More Effective, Less Intrusive

Car Advertising is effective in many ways. It allows you to reach a larger audience. Out of the 290 million registered vehicles in the year 2019, 32.5 millions were cars. In 2019, Uber recorded more than 1.5 billion weekly bookings on the platform. While OLA is also among one of the top ride-sharing apps in India. The market size that car branding allows is what makes it effective. An average car drives around 200-300 km a day. This allows for longer brand exposure. Unlike online display ads, car advertising doesn’t interrupt the customer’s actions, hence being less intrusive and more effective.

Cost Effective Advertising

Car Advertising is super cost-effective. It allows you to get the reach of the costly billboards without having to break your bank. You can reach your target customers multiple times during a day. Most of the commuters travelling through cars or cabs are corporate or office going people, college going students, business owners. By investing in car branding, you build a strong top-of-the-mind brand recall amongst your customers through consistent messaging. Our efficient team of branding specialists can help you target specific areas where your target audience is most likely to be present.

High Reach and Visibility

An average car drives around 200 to 300 km a day and serves average customers of around 50 - 100 or even more depending on the vehicle. Catering to majorly corporate employees, office going individuals, young college students, business owners and professionals. This provides brands a chance to reach thousands of kms a day and acquire customers that are more likely to convert. Delhi alone has over 33 lakh cars while the urban city, Mumbai records 510 cars every km. Car Branding is among the top OOH advertising options and has the potential to drive hundreds of thousands of impressions a day. 

Different car branding materials - which one should you choose?

There are several materials that can be used in car branding. The types of materials that can be used are:

Vinyl: Vinyl is durable, affordable and also renders highly stunning creatives to the car.

Chrome Vinyl: It is a great material to select for car branding design. It is widely chosen because of the lustrous quality it delivers.

Carbon Fibre Vinyl: Normal Chrome Vinyl gives a smooth finish whereas it is the opposite of Carbon Fibre Vinyl. Carbon Fibre Vinyl gives a little rougher and rugged feel.

Matte Vinyl: Matte Vinyl is used to give a gloss-smooth finish effect to the body of the vehicle.

Why Choose Us for Your Car Branding Needs?

We help you reach out to the masses in a creative and eye-catching way with moving displays on cabs or taxis or full car wrap advertising, back or side panel advertising depending upon your needs. An ideal way to grow your business and enhance brand awareness, cab advertising offers numerous possibilities. From external cab wraps to danglers, car mesh and digital ads on the in-cab entertainment technology, we do it all.

  • ✔ Maximum visibility and reach

    ✔ PAN India level services

    ✔ Trusted by companies like Unilever, Hotstar, Zomato, Chumbak, OYO

    ✔ Dedicated team and constant support

    ✔ Uninterrupted ads for maximum impact

    ✔ Quick visibility among riders

    ✔ Builds an instant impression and facilitate brand recall

    ✔ Enhanced CTA

We at Ginger Media Group are a trusted, experienced outdoor ad agency. With an innate passion for branding and marketing, we help our clients reach their target audiences in the most efficient way.

Over the years, we have had the great privilege to build a strong distribution and promoters network on a PAN India level. This has allowed us to work with some of the giant companies such as Uber Eats, Uber Moto, Hotstar, Zomato, OYO, VIBGYOR, NH Health City hospital, Chumbak and many more. We are a growing and leading offline marketing agency that is here to work alongside you to create branding solutions that are tailored just for your brand.

We are your agency partners and we are here to serve you the best solutions your business needs.

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