OLA/UBER Cab Branding in Hyderabad, Telangana

Car Branding in Hyderabad helps you to build a brand image amongst local customers who become familiar with your brand by seeing your advertisement on a car on highways and local streets.

In this kind of Advertising Technique, Car Branding Agency transforms a normal car into a brand-new car decorated with graphics called Car wraps which can promote your brand. Creatively designed graphics have the ability to capture the attention of people which makes it easier for businesses, brands and services to convey their message in an interesting way. It is important that graphics should be designed properly because an improperly designed graphic can create a negative impact on the brand image which creates useless controversies for brands, businesses and services.


Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the minimum Campaign duration for Car Branding in Hyderabad?

Campaign for car branding in Hyderabad will take a minimum of 30 days because Hyderabad is a major centre of the technology industry and also a very well-connected city.

It has a population of about 6.9 million residents which makes Hyderabad the 4th most populous city in India. There are over 1.04 million cars in Hyderabad that are privately owned.

2What are the options available for Brand Advertisement as a Car branding Agency in Hyderabad?

Options such as Car Body Branding, Car Back Panels, Driver Seat Back, Car Interiors, etc. are available for Brand Advertisement as a Car Branding Agency in Hyderabad. Because of the availability of these options, we can not only transform the Car from the outside but also from the inside.

  • Car Body Branding: Car Body Branding is a type of Branding in which a Car Branding Agency transforms an ordinary Car into a new one that is loaded with Brand stickers which enhances the image of the Brand.
  • Car Back Panel: Usually, we can see Back Panel Branding used on Auto-Rickshaws but today it is widely used on Cars also. It helps reach people from different demographics.
  • Driver Seat Back: Driver Seat Back can be a very good place to apply Advertisements. This can lead to Brand Marketing even among the people sitting inside the Car. We can use this in Cab Advertisements.
  • Car interiors : Car interior Accessories like Center Armrest Console, Door Scuffs, Floor Mats, Pedal Kit, Perfume, Cushions, Window Sun Shades, Steering Wheel Covers, etc. are also used for Brand Marketing by applying Brand stickers on them.
3Where Car Advertising can be executed in Hyderabad?

In Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Madhapur, Uppal, Charminar, etc. are some of the areas where car advertising can be executed. Since Hyderabad has a well-equipped & centralized transport system and many expressways which makes Hyderabad a better site for the execution of Car Advertising. It has a population of about 6.9 million residents which makes Hyderabad the 4th most populous city in India. There are over 1.04 million cars in Hyderabad that are privately owned. Over 80% of passengers are transported by road.

Advertisement placed on cars attracts everyone on the road who is coming from different backgrounds.

4What are the various types of Branding opportunities available which can be done with Car Branding Branding in Hyderabad?

Along with Car Branding, various types of opportunities available are Bus Shelter Branding, Look Walker Branding, Cup Branding, Auto-Rickshaw Branding, Car Body Branding, Back Panel Branding, Packaging, Clothing, Bicycle Branding, Car Interior Branding, Cushion Branding, etc. The advertisement can be printed on various Car Interiors and Accessories such as Car Roof, Back Side, Handles, Cushions, Door Scuffles, Mats, Perfume, Window Sun Shades, Back Seats, etc.

Catch your Cool Design today. We are dedicated to delivering your Design on time so that you guys can do your work well.

5How to start Car Branding in Hyderabad?

First, you will have to contact an Agency that can do Car Branding successfully or that has a successful track record in Car Branding and have previous experience with some good Brands. Like you chose Ginger Media Group for this because they have a successful track record and they have worked on 175+ Projects in all of India.

Then you will have to contact them and give them all the information related to your brand (such as brand name, brand logo, contact details, and other information which you wanted to include in an advertisement) which will be applied to the car.

6What is the Size and Design of Car Branding in Hyderabad?

Size varies according to city, Medium size or 4 to 5-seater cars like Ford EcoSport are more popular in Hyderabad. But it can be changed based on what area you choose for car branding. Roads conditions in that area are the most important factor which plays an important role in choosing a car for car branding in Hyderabad.

For designing a car, we can use a Logo and some stickers or Full wrap related to the brand which can be placed on the car.

7What is Car Wrap Advertising?

Covering the Car Body with a cover containing an advertisement of some company is called Car wrap Advertising. The Advertisement can be printed on many sides such as Top Side, Side Panel Back Side, and Interiors. It depends on what is asked to print. Car Wraps are a form of Graphic Media that are used to paste on the car. Car wrap contains the Advertisement of any company or brand.

Car Wrap Advertising is a kind of marketing or advertising technique in which the Car body is completely or partially covered with Car Wraps.

8What is Car Branding cost in Hyderabad?

Car branding is a cost-effective way of Advertising in Hyderabad by which we can promote any brand effectively. Cost depends on a number of cars used to advertise and the type of Car Branding used.

It also depends on the number of months the Car Branding Campaign is programmed. For more details contact us at contact@gingermediagroup.com or call +91 888 444 2846.

9How is the car branding campaign monitored in Hyderabad?

There are so many ways to monitor a Branding Campaign in Hyderabad. We can share the details of your Car Branding Campaign with any other Social Media Platform also such as:

  • E-mail: You can monitor your Car Branding Campaign through E-mail by asking for images and details related to Car Branding directly to the Car Branding Agency.
  • WhatsApp: WhatsApp is very much helpful in monitoring the Car Branding Campaign because it allows Car Branding Agencies to send live locations to you. It helps monitor the engagements within a particular area.
  • LinkedIn: Car Branding Agency can update customers about your business and business partners. It can also update Car Branding Agencies about customers and their preferences.
  • Instagram: Instagram helps monitor the insights of your Advertisement. It is also helpful in detecting the related content to your Advertisement, Car Branding Agency, and its work in the form of stories, hashtags and posts.
  • Facebook: You can also monitor your Car Branding Campaign through Facebook. We can share the images and videos of your Car Branding Campaign through Facebook.
10Why Car Advertising Services are very preferable amongst the Businesses in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad has a well-equipped & centralized transport system and had many expressways with relatively low road density. It has a population of about 6.9 million residents, making Hyderabad the 4th most populous city in India. There are over 1.04 million cars in Hyderabad that are privately owned. Hyderabad has its own various Unique Selling Points, like its population travelling by Cars, availability of transportation, cost-effectiveness, high engagement, diverse Audience, etc.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Since Hyderabad has a huge population of cars, it is easy to find a Car for Car Branding in Hyderabad, then it means that its cost will also be less.
  • High engagement: Delhi has lots of roads and highways which are connected with other cities. This abundance of roads and highways makes Car Advertising a high-reach medium in Hyderabad.
  • Volume: There are more than 10 lakh four-wheelers in Hyderabad. Being a major centre for the technology industry and the presence of so many cars in one city will increase the probability of getting the brand's recognition easily.
  • Segmentation: While promoting your Brand through Advertising on cars, you can easily choose the areas where you want to advertise to and what audience you want to prefer to reach.
  • Diverse audience: Advertisement placed on cars attracts everyone on the road who comes from different-different backgrounds.