Bulk-WhatsApp-Messages Service for Real Estate Industry

Bulk WhatsApp Messages Services for Real Estate Industry

Bulk-WhatsApp-Messages Services for Real Estate Industry,

Real Estate Industry, after agricultural industry, is India's second-largest employer. The Real Estate Industry has expanded in recent years with a 30% CAGR, making it a magnificent investment market. In recent times, the Indian Real Estate sector has seen a dramatic rise in demand for commercial areas and residential spaces. Indian property attracted USD 5 billion in 2020, which is equivalent to 93% of the previous year's transactions.

The Real Estate Industry is divided into four different categories, i.e. housing, restaurants, hospitality and commerce.

Bulk WhatsApp Messaging for Real Estate Industry is the most effective and efficient marketing channel that can be used to drive a more targeted audience into your business without spending much time, effort, or money on this. It is an efficient way to boost sales and bring your brand name to notice. With the help of this, you can now target your customers in a personalized manner regularly about new launches and bookings, residential projects, and lease offers. Be it selling property or offering assisted premium services, and Real Estate players can utilize Bulk WhatsApp Messaging to propagate more targeted campaign messages that have more chances of being read by prospective buyers.

To be fair, Using WhatsApp for the marketing of Real Estate Industries or sending Bulk WhatsApp messages is a violation of WhatsApp's Terms & Conditions. If you're found to be using WhatsApp (standard app) for sending unsolicited marketing messages to large numbers of people who haven't opted in, WhatsApp might take action against you.

But there are some other ways which we can use for Bulk WhatsApp Messaging for your Real Estate Businesses, such as sending mass messages using Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Software which allows you to contact multiple recipients at the same time without creating a group or copying and pasting the exact text over and over again. This Service can be efficiently executed without getting banned.

Since communication in Real Estate Industry is beings revolutionized because of increasing use of various technologies, so it identifies various opportunities for technology adoption quickly, while the government, at the same time, was developing various initiatives amongst the players of the industry to promote this. A perfect Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Campaign is technology based service that increases the effectiveness of marketing Real Estate Businesses, which enhances the brand image of Real Estate Companies. Some steps are listed below, which everyone has to follow while executing a Bulk WhatsApp messaging Campaign:

  • Define And Identify Goals And KPIs: Identifying and defining the goals of the product or a service and Key Performance Indicators is the significant step for executing a Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Campaign. It will ensure how your product/services and brand will achieve the objectives of your marketing campaign.
  • Identify Your Target Audience: Knowing your service's or product's target audience is one of the major assets that will help you identify the sections of the population that is more interested in our product.
  • Create A Brand Persona: A brand persona is a kit of traits, attitudes, and values your brand shares. It will underlie your tone of voice and communications with prospects on WhatsApp.
  • Choose An Agency: Choose an effective Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Agency that can do Bulk WhatsApp Messaging effectively, such as Ginger Media Group. They will help you create a Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Strategy that encompasses setting goals, exploring your audience, delivering great content, and maintaining good relationships with your customers.

In the context of communication, the Real Estate Industry has taken technology into more consideration in many ways that make it more resilient, invincible and revitalise. Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Service is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise Real Estate businesses digitally. As an advertising agency who is specialized in Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Services, we have provided you with one of the efficient and effective Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Services within your budget.

The cost of one WhatsApp Message in a bulk ranges from 15 paise to 18 paise. To promote your product or service you can add images, documents and any kind of multimedia with your messages.

In its everyday operations, the Real Estate Industry introduced technology to improve aspects of efficiency and quality. Building automation, artificial intelligence to ensure timeless delivery, improved market access, marketing, and use of increased Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) for marketing and physical  visits are among the areas in which tech adoption has taken place quickly. Use of Bulk WhatsApp Messaging service and other digital media services are now being adopted by companies in several phases of implementation and customer service for various purposes.

Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Campaign can easily be monitored because its information can easily be available digitally which can save our time and resources. Both systems provided by us can easily show how many people have received the message and how many have not in different formats.

Suppose you wanted to monitor your Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Campaign done for your Real Estate Service, so you can contact us without any hesitation because once we do Bulk WhatsApp Messaging for you, then we definitely have its details like how many people have read the message or many haven’t. We can also provide you with information related to your product or a service about how people react to it.

Yes, WhatsApp Messages in Bulk can be easily customized for different types of Real Estate Businesses for various purposes. Bulk WhatsApp Messaging campaigns can include videos and images and the ability to express their message with an unlimited number of characters.

The Real Estate sector will probably enjoy tremendous growth in the immediate future as technology such as virtual reality, drones, big data and artificial intelligence are increasingly used in domestic purchases and the use of WhatsApp Messaging service for sales and marketing purposes. This is reflected in the fact that the country's Real Estate Industry is to become a market of $1 trillion by 2030. So, we can customize messages by writing the names of the receiver on the message or writing the interests of the receiver on the message. It can help you maintain a personal bond with the customer, which helps maintain the positive brand image of your Real Estate Business.

Since Real Estate Industry’s diversity has actually contributed to a much more robust industry. The mass production of Real Estate Services has evolved as a magnet not only for Business, Jobs, Economic Empowerment, and Upward Mobility but also for the Advertising Sector. WhatsApp Bulk Messaging is a very effective method businesses use to contact leads and build customer loyalty, especially in Educational Industries. We have a very advanced system to execute our strategies, like; we can put your brand logo in our profile picture and Profile name as your brand name, which increases the chance of more responses and increases the credibility of the message's source. When the WhatsApp message popup on Mobile Screen, Profile Name and profile picture suddenly catch the receiver's attention.

To target correct audiences, we can send WhatsApp messages in Bulk according to your Database or our Company's Database. We can also provide you with the statistics related to your campaign, such as the count of read/unread/delivered messages. We can also provide you with a report by analyzing the data of a current campaign for future campaigns and improve your ROI. Our system generates a detailed report of the campaigns, which makes the task easy. The system will automatically remove duplicates/wrong format numbers, and you have to pay for those messages that were successfully sent to the receivers.

Ginger Media Group provides lots of other services along with Bulk WhatsApp Messaging, such as Website Development, SEO Services, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management, Influencer Marketing, SMS Marketing, and many more.

Feel free to let us know your thoughts about implementing a Bulk WhatsApp Messaging system for your real estate business. We will assist you in making the right decisions.

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Ginger Media Group kept its clientele's best interests at heart and helped you find the most convenient communication channel for your Feel free to let us know your thoughts about implementing a Bulk WhatsApp Messaging system for your Real Estate business. We will assist you in making the right decisions. Business. As the company, which has an enormous audience in all parts of India and WhatsApp has many customers, it is the best combination. For more information, you can ask us on +91 888 444 2846 or reach our inbox at contact@gingermediagroup.com.

Using Google Sheets for Bulk WhatsApp Messages in a Real Estate Industry is one of the best ways to get business leads as the usage of smartphones is increasing exponentially day by day with one click. We have to follow several steps while using this method because as simple as this method looks, and it is pretty tricky.

  • Step 1: Download a free Google Sheet template, fill up the form and receive your Google Sheet in E-mail, and then your Google Sheet is ready for work. If you are working for a Real Estate Industry, you can simply name your Sheet like Real Estate Industry, any specific Service Name, target audience, etc. You can also rename your Google Sheet.
  • Step 2: The second step is to import names, numbers, and other details of potential receivers of the message from the Bulk, into the Google sheet provided. If you wanted to do this for Real Estate Industry, you could also add the details such as existing customers or potential customers, their interests, their other contact details, etc.
  • Step 3: Third is one of the most critical steps that is to curate Messages or customize Messages for every people such as the receivers' name, their interests, their Real Estate preferences, etc.
  • Step 4: The last step is the step of execution. For this, if you are using mobile, install Google Sheet on Mobile Phone, open that sheet and start sending the Messages. It works both with Android and iOS. If you are using a PC, then open a WhatsApp Web and start sending your Messages. And if you don't want to do both things, simply download the third party app for doing this.
  • Note: If you don't want to do this lengthy work, approach any Advertising Agency like us to do this kind of Bulk WhatsApp Messaging within a minute. From curation of the message to execution of the whole process, we will do this to utilize your time for other time taking works.

Majority of the Real Estate Industry in India continue to operate in the offline way, estimated at $1.4 billion ($1.4 billion). However, the growth of Digital Marketing in India is also shown by the fact that over 50% of property purchasers' decisions are made via online search, even with the actual transaction culminating offline. With the increasing Internet user base expected to increase by up to a billion by 2025, players such as WhatApp in this segment have an enormous opportunity. Since Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Service had a wide scope in the Real Estate Industry which helps many different types of Real Estate Businesses in advertising their products and services digitally, so it has many uses in the Real Estate Industry which will help us in different ways:

  • Keep Customers Up-To-Date: Bulk WhatsApp Messages are widely used to keep customers up to date about their land's status, payment details, balance receipts, deposits, and other information to keep them updated with their account activity.
  • Reminders: Bulk WhatsApp Messages are used as reminders to remind customers about bookings, due payment dates, offers and provide timely updates to agents and existing clients about buildings and apartments. It also informs potential customers of new launches.
  • Personalized Communication: Bulk WhatsApp Messages are also used in the Real Estate sector to send automated and customized greetings on various occasions. Coupons can also be attached along with these greets.
  • Automated Messages: It is also helpful to aware customers of various deals and offers and promoting multiple deals and offers with the help of Automated Bulk WhatsApp Messages.
  • Query-Related Uses: Usually, Real Estate companies solve every query individually, but we have got a new idea for solving general queries. First, we sort out the number of frequently asked questions according to various categories and then curate and compile them in a single message. It can help your customers when they need some help. It also enhances customer awareness and has also given them the means to understand consumer needs which helps in subsequently meeting client expectations.