Residents Engagement Activations

Establish connections with residential societies via RWA activations!

Interact with your potential customers in the neighborhood through our brand activation events in residential complexes, societies and apartments. It is an ideal opportunity to push the promotional offers of your brand and bring the word out through events that receive high footfall.

  • Maximum visibility
  • High footfall
  • Connect with your customers in real-time
  • Ideal opportunity for surveys and feedback

Inside Office and Park Activation

Bring your brand to life through innovative activities!

Branding activities inside business parks and corporate offices is ideal for brands that are looking to reach working professionals, employees, businessmen, HNIs, guests, foreign delegates and expatriate employees. From advertising in high-traffic locations to executing brand activation, the options are limitless.

  • Ideal to reach a niche clientele
  • Build customer loyalty and increase sales
  • Direct reach and engagement with target audience
  • Innovative and entertaining activities

University activation

Effective and interactive campus activation activities for your brand!

Since college students are usually busy with limited time and attention, the best way to reach out to them is on campus, in the parking area or when they’re in the canteen. To cater to a demographic that comprises of 18- to 24-year-olds, we have innovative advertising options that will engage and excite them.

  • Opportunity to strengthen brand and customer relationship
  • Generates high brand recall
  • Ability to gather valuable feedback