Scale Your Brand with Branded Paper Cup Advertising

Running a branded paper cup campaign for your brand can get you new customers, brand awareness and build a place for your brand in the minds of your customers.

But, not any branded paper cup marketing campaign can be successful. There are certain strategies and nuances of it that you’ve to get right to run a successful paper cup advertising campaign.

Being one of the pioneers of paper cup advertising in India and having run successful paper cup advertising campaigns for various brands of all sizes including giant brands like Uber, Hotstar, Zomato, we specialise in delivering high-quality branded paper cup marketing campaigns.

A group of healthcare corporate employees standing at a corner, having tea or coffee from branded paper cups.
Papercup advertisement engages your ideal customers in an unconventional way and becomes a part of their discussion and daily life.


Why advertise your branded paper cup with Gingermediagroup?


1. You create a long-lasting impression in the minds of your customers

2. We help you build a strong Call-to-action (CTA) that converts better

3. Craft a paper cup advertising campaign that fits all your needs

4. Leave you with peace of mind by looking after all the technicalities of your marketing campaign

5. All in all, we do our best to set your paper cup advertising campaign up for success

FAQ about advertising with branded paper cup: 


1. What is the price for branded paper cup?

The price ranges anywhere from as low as Rs 0.50/piece to as high as Rs 1.50/piece. It depends on the manufacturer, the type of cup and several other factors.

2. How much does running a paper cup marketing campaign cost?

The cost of running a paper cup marketing campaign depends on various factors such as the number of paper cups to be used, duration of the campaign, type of the paper cup to be used. 

3. What is coffee cup advertisement?

Coffee cup advertisement is advertising your brand through branded paper cup or branded coffee cups, distributing them within your target areas. 

4. Are coffee cups advertisement suitable for small businesses?

Yes, coffee cup advertisement or paper cup advertising is best for small businesses because with a relatively low investment, you get to put your brand name in front of hundreds and thousands of your targeted customers.

5. What is the minimum duration to run a branded paper cup advertising campaign with Gingermediagroup?

It depends from company to company how long they want to have the impact to be and also upon the area. For example, the minimum duration to run a paper cup advertising campaign in Bangalore is 1 week while in Mumbai, it is 45 days. 

Note: The duration can be flexible depending upon your needs. Call at +91 8884442846 to discuss more.

6. What types of paper cups are available for advertisement? 

Gingermediagroup provides all kinds of paper cups for advertisement. From air pocket insulated paper cups, wax coated paper cups to paper cups with foldable handles. 

7. Why print on paper cups or why print on coffee cups? 

With the Indian government banning single use plastic by the year 2022, paper cups will see a huge demand. Paper cups are eco-friendly and are used for serving beverages and food in every nook and corner of the country. By advertising through branded paper cup, you rise through the clutter of traditional marketing and put your brand in the hands of your customers.

8. Does paper cup advertising work for B2B brands? 

After running paper cup advertising campaigns for several brands, we can proudly say that Paper cup advertising works for all kinds of brands. You just have to find a way to reach your target audience. 

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Vrushali Sawant

Vrushali Sawant is a content writer at Gingermediagroup. She is passionate about content marketing and copywriting. In her free time, she likes to go for long walks.

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