Paper Cup Advertising with Gingermediagroup

At GingerCup, we intend to do just that by spreading the bright light, illuminating from the candle of hope we hold in our hands, across the whole world!

Hello from Gingercup!

We, at GingerCup, provide an innovative platform to cater to all your paper cup marketing needs.

We can invade the not-too-porous walls of offices in IT parks, colleges, hospitals, malls, events and coffee joints in themost non-intrusive manner.

branded paper cups

Paper Cup Marketing in Bangalore

We help clients and marketers grow their businesses through creative campaigns, by deploying unconventional methods of advertising. We take our clients’ product or services on branded paper cups, which enable a unique consumer engagement accompanied by a sense of satisfaction and exciting discussions.

You can view our beautiful, little coffee cups of delight as traveling mini-billboards that comprise of new promo offerings, coupons, sales announcements, etc.

The delight experienced by your target audiences when enjoying their favourite beverage, within our mini-billboards, is unparalleled.

coffee cup advertising in Bangalore

Brand promotional campaign on Coffee Cups

Innovation + Our Efforts + Delicious Cups of Tea = Amazing results! Being etched in the hearts of your consumer along with their choicest memories is the cherished dream most marketers dream to fulfil. At GingerCup, we do just that and ensure our clients are marketed with maximum engagement and undivided attention. Imagine your target audience staring right at your face for nearly 5 to 10 minutes devoid of any distractions? That would certainly enhance your brand recall and not even cost as much as the expensive pay-per-click campaigns you might have considered implementing.

Marketing teams today need to bring back the ‘tea’ in their ‘teams’ so that an integrated marketing campaign involving unique and more visible channels to the customers can be easily developed. We can help you breathe new life into your marketing goals for 2016, using the most cost-effective marketing strategy you could have thought of! Get in touch with us to get your free paper cups today through Facebook, Twitter or contact us at

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