Most Effective Guide on How to Reach Your Target Audience Offline

Offline marketing is a marketing strategy to advertise a product through offline channels like Newspaper advertising, billboards, digital signages, OOH advertising, transit media advertising, direct mails & more. All channels except the online channels are taken into account. Doing effective marketing can help you get more customers offline. It is a traditional way to reach your target audience offline.

Before we dive into how you can reach your target audience offline, lets have a look at what all offline markeitng channels are there:

  1. Advertisement in print
  2. Contest Prizes
  3. Telemarketing
  4. Cold calling
  5. Business cards
  6. Offline Guerrilla marketing
  7. Event speaking
  8. Television
  9. Direct Mail
  10. Door to door sales
  11. Aerial advertising
  12. Networking
  13. Associations and trade shows
  14. Branded merchandise and equipments
  15. Targeted promotions or discounts
  16. Billboards
  17. Paper cups
  18. Sponsoring community event
  19. Distributing pamphlets
  20. Presenting press releases
  21. Organizing Workshops
  22. Donation
  23. Cross promotion
  24. Collaborating with influencers, brand ambassador

How to reach your target audience offline?

With the advent of so many digital platforms, offline marketing still proves to be crucial for companies as it is more truthworthy. Selection of the right marketing idea considering the target audience and the business type is not an easy task. There are many marketing strategies for you to reach your target audience offline such as:

1. Conduct engaging BTL activities

Due to the dynamic nature of the marketing, below the line (BTL) activities are currently showing impressive results in capturing audience attention. BTL activities are an extremely targeted and focussed form of communication towards the specific group of customers. In today’s world,  target audiences are using various platforms, BTL activities in these circumstances play a major role in seeking the audience’s awareness, giving greater disclosure to the brand.

BTL activities consist of outdoor advertisements (banner, sandwich boards), direct marketing( SMS, emails), sponsorship(Events, competition).

Here are some BTL activities idea for different industries:

BTL ideas for FMCG brands

Performing roadshows/activities in malls

If you are a FMCG brand looking for marketing strategies to reach your target audience offline, you can try the following activities: Performing roadshows/activities in malls, screening of advertisements outside popular malls, arranging stalls in the mall,with some interesting games to involve the participation of customers.

Example: ACT II Popcorns by ConAgra Foods Snack Foods Group organized it’s stalles along with games to engage with the audience in Pacific mall

As an FMCG brand, you can also try retail display on strategic locations like in front of a convenience store.

Example – Displays of Sugar Free, Ashirvaad Atta or any other FMCG goods outside supermarkets or convenience stores.

BTL ideas for Pharmaceutical brands

If you’re a pharmaceutical brand looking to reach your target marke offline, paper cup branding is one of the best BTL idea you can invest in. It’s simple and effective.

Here’s how we did paper cup branding for an healthcare company.

How Healthcares and Hospital can reach their target customers offline with paper cup branding
Papercup ads has become the new marketing strategy for the Healthcare. The offers and affordable services of hospitals can be promoted through cup Branding. – A paper cup branding we did for NH Health City.

BTL ideas for Travel and Leisure brands

Attending Trade Shows

Travel and Leisure brands should attend trade shows with their competitors. Trade shows help in collecting email addresses and contacts that can boost the business.

BTL ideas for Apparel brands


Sponsoring events proves to be really helpful in reaching target audiences offline. Apparel brands should definitely consider sponsorships as the event guests can  spread the word about the brand to an enormous community. Sponsorships also open the window of opportunity for new partnership of the brand .

Example: Meesho brand sponsoring The Kapil Show.

BTL ideas for Educational institutes, schools, colleges

Paper Cup Branding

In India 90% of the population consumes tea. This fact gave birth to a new marketing idea. Eye-catching designing of paper cups including brand logos,tagline,description is an effective marketing strategy nowadays.

Education institutes should prefer paper cup advertising as it includes distribution of designed paper cups to schools, colleges, offices, hotels, food courts, hospitals.This will foster brand awareness on a rapid level.

BTL ideas for Real Estate brand

Hosting regular Open houses

If  you are a Real Estate brand trying to get more customers offline, you should hold regular open houses and invite your potential customers.

2. Reach Your Target Audience Offline with Targeted Residential Branding

Residential branding is a marketing strategy to focus on a specific audience. It’s an ideal way to advertise your brand in residential societies and to converse with your potential customers. Broadcasting  your brand on hoardings, no-parking announcements and banners at gates of apartments ensures you to get supreme viewership.

Residential branding is not only advantageous in creating a powerful brand recall, it shows excellent results for product launches and sampling. Residential branding is the foremost form of hyperlocal marketing.

For example: We, Ginger Media Group assisted an international educational institute VIBGYOR to increase their enrollments by doing RWA activation, BTL activities, look-walker advertising.

Just like every other industry VIBGYOR was finding it hard to reach its target audience in the catastrophic times of pandemic. Ginger Media Group via BTL activities and residential branding aided them to capture their target audience.

The residential branding was done around apartments within the school’s neighborhood, advertising on no parking boards, lookwalker advertising and marketing in targeted locations such as parks, lakes and super markets helped them to get new enrollments.

No parking advertising of VIBGYOR by Ginger Media Group - Reach your target audience offline
Ginger Media Group Partners with VIBGYOR International school to increase their leads by conducting an engaging offline marketing campaign
RWA branding and residential branding helping VIBGYOR school reach their target audience offline
RWA Activities helps engage a specific group of target audience. It helps brands give a personalised experience to their target audience. – A RWA Activation campaign by Ginger Media Group

3. Use Transit-media Advertising to Reach New Customers Offline

Transit media advertising is advertising through modes of public transportation or in public transportation areas. This type of advertising plays a pivotal part in reaching a targeted audience offline and at the same time to masses.

The visibility of the advertisement increases exponentially and it becomes impossible for the audience to refrain themselves from viewing. In this method, ads can be displayed from on the sides of buses, trains and taxis, to inside subway cars, inside bus stations and near train, bus or metro platforms.

Bus shelter branding of ZENO HEALTH in Mumbai, Goregaon - Ginger Media Group
Bus shelter advertising helps brands to reach their target audience offline at multiple touchpoints

Porter, logistics brand, van branding example – transit media advertising

Porter, logistics brand, van branding example - transit media advertising
Offline marketing technique such as auto rickshaw branding helps build a strong top-of-the-mind recall


Despite the rising digital era, offline marketing is an essential step that every business whether small scale or large scale have to undertake in order to reach their target audience offline. There are various offline channels available for promotional practices. Brand type is also a significant factor to choose a selected marketing strategy for your business to get more customers offline. In order to have a focussed communication with specific audience, one should opt for residential branding. However, brands that are in search of new customers must begin with transit-media advertiing.

A study  demonstrated that all participants could remember what they saw on the printed paper cups. 98% of the participants could even remember what they read in the message printed.

Paper Cup Marketing Campaign in Bangalore-Gingercup
Ginger Media Group, formerly called, Gingercup, do paper cup marketing for the business looking for brand promotion. These tea cups have mini-billboards with products and services of the company.

If you are a budding company aiming to tap your target audience offline, your search here is over. Contact Ginger Media Group to take your business to greater altitudes.

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