How To Write Captivating Blog Post Introductions?

Writing a blog, ensuring that people read through it and press the like or the share button is a different ball game altogether. With people scrolling through as fast as they can due to the paucity of time, you need to hold their attention for longer spans of time. This is why it is important for you to learn how to write good blog post introductions and sell your idea to your target audience to make sure that they know all about your product and that they do buy your idea. We must remember, the first impression is the last impression. 

A reader’s attention span is determined by how interesting the introduction to your blog post is. An introduction that is very involved tends to make the reader read through it and compels him/her to read the rest of the post as well. The following are the reasons why writing good blog post introductions is important-

  • It provides a hook to your article to anchor the reader to the page.
  • It glues the skimmers.
  • It helps your blog land on top of search engine pages.
  • It grabs social media attention.
  • It helps you improve your SEO game.

We hope that the above reasons do make you understand how important your blog post introduction is. We bring to you a few tips to make your blog post introduction stand out and leave a mark on the reader.

Address Common Problems

One of the common ways to start a blog post is by addressing the problems faced by your readers. This helps your introduction to resonate with the audience and makes them read further. It forces them to read the whole article and piques their interest. This also helps them find a reason to read the post in search of solutions to their issues. This increases the share rates and likes on the post as well, making it land on top of the search engine result pages, grabbing the most number of likes and boosting conversion rates as well.

Infographic on identifying your reader's problems in your blog post introductions

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Make it Worth the Time

When writing an introduction it is very important to make the reader feel that reading the blog will be worth it. It is important to make them feel that the blog would definitely make them utilise their time in the best way and would definitely solve their problem. However, make sure not to solve the issue in the introduction as well, because if the reader finds a solution in the introduction itself, then they won’t read through your whole post and will lose interest very quickly. Also while a great blog post introduction can make your readers stay for more, its ultimately the overall content that decides how well your blog post would perform.

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Appeal Emotionally

Make sure that your introduction has the emotional quotient on point. Appealing to the emotions of the masses surely helps in making them read your blog post completely. Emotions help people relate better to various issues as it makes them feel they are not the only ones facing them. It makes them read past the introduction and reach to the important parts of the blog in search of concrete solutions to their problems. It makes the reader feel that the writer has been in their shoes and looked for solutions that they have poured into this blog. Different emotions drives different actions so make sure your choice of words aligns with the action you want to drive.

Tips for connecting to emotions when writing blog post introductions
Using different emotions in writing to drive specific actions – Image Src

Explain The Benefits

No one reads a blog if it has no benefits to them. With very busy work lives, people have very little time on their hands to look up solutions to their problems. Make sure that you explain to the reader that they will benefit after reading your blog and it will surely help them solve the issues that they are facing. Make sure you explain to them that this will not be a waste of their time and that they should definitely read further to get some great advice or help. Using bullet points or presenting your points in a listicle manner helps readers better consume content.

Use Quotes

Using quotes helps the reader gain insight on the topic. It also gives the reader a chance to get to know what other experts from the industry has to say and helps you set a tempo to the introduction to ensure that the reader is compelled to read further. They also help provide a framework to structure your content. Quotes act as amazing ways to summarize what the content of the blog is going to be about. It helps provide a framework to the blog and ensures that the reader gains interest in the post from the very start.

Content writing quotes that teach how to write great content
Image source

Increase their hopes, awaken dreams

Raising people’s hopes can definitely help gain their interest. People tend to read forward when they see any chances of their dreams coming true. When writing blog post introductions, try to address their dreams and aspirations and that would certainly force them to keep reading and read the complete blog without stopping in between. It will also help boost the number of likes and shares on your post ensuring that it tops the search engine result pages. Hence, this is a very effective method of ensuring the same. 


It is important to ensure that your blog post introduction holds the reader’s attention so that the reader does end up reading most of your blog post. With a creative blog post introduction, you boost your chances of getting seen and noticed by the search engines as well, making your post land on top of all search engine result pages. Hence, it is impeccably important that you do spend a good chunk of your time ensuring that your blog post introductions are involving, appealing and hold the attention of your audience. 

Writing a good introduction for your blog post is the very first step to making your brand stand out. We are here to help you out and would love to assist you


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