How Swiggy Instamart Leveraged DOOH & OOH Advertising

The idea of presenting a customised billboard for the people who pass by the street each day is a highly effective mechanism for brand visibility.

This flexible approach to OOH and DOOH advertising can render effective advertising. It is a location-based advertising method. For example, OOH and DOOH advertising would include billboards and banners, street furniture, POS Display & more. DOOH advertising helps in displaying higher resolution animated images that could deliver your brand story in an impactful, strategic and a personalised manner.

Digital out of home DOOH advertising stats in India
Digital Out-of-Home stats – Image Source
Out of home advertising OOH stats India
OOH Out-of-Home Advertising stats – Image Source

Well, yes

Billboards work!

Let’s dig inside the DOOH advertising Swiggy Instamart adopted.

How Swiggy Instamart did DOOH advertising

Swiggy Instamart had gained prominence by making use of efficient OOH and Dooh advertising, along with creative-catchy lines.

During Dec 6

A promise of super quick delivery of all grocery and home needs!

Because of the demand of people, Swiggy had collaborated with Phantom Ideas ( Bangalore)and brought up the concept of displaying 36 ‘innovative creatives’ that could be seen beautifully and attractively at outdoor hoardings, bus shelters, road medians, airport branding, RWA, mall branding, FTTs, and gantries around 10,000 plus spaces.

The campaign covers 17 cities, visually spreading an emphasis on Instamart’s ‘quick-delivery factor’.

Their one-word headlines focussed on capturing not just the promise of a quick delivery, but also the commitment that everything from fruits and fresh veggies to snack items like chips and soft drinks was instantly delivered.

Robert Anthoney, Founder, and CEO of Phantom Ideas reiterates the use of old media for a modern idea. This gives a strong trust in the use of DOOH advertising in 2022.

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Swiggy Instamart OOH campaign
Swiggy Instamart’s Creative OOH campaign – Image source

During Dec 31

Havas Media tribes which is a partnership between Havas Media Group India and the Tribes Group had organised an OOH advertising campaign for Swiggy Instamart.

The vision of the campaign was to deliver a strong message in the minds of people.

Swiggy established a deep proposition of:

  • Immediate supply
  • Immediate comfort

The advertising medium wanted to resonate with all the viewers by providing them with a vibrant and eye-catching transit display. Their month-long campaign focussed on both visibility and a penetrating approach for tracking consumers.

For the same, the coordinates of each website were checked and therefore chosen exactly. Instamart had utilised an area of five lakh square kilometres to run their campaign. The area utility was in the form of conventional billboards, hoardings, uni poles, FOBs, and bus shelters. This OOH marketing campaign run by Havas Media Tribes Group is a further extension of the meals aggregator’s key verticals that had been previously done with Swiggy Genie (choose up and drop service), Swiggy Entry (personal manufacturers), and now, Swiggy Instamart.

This campaign also includes Asia’s biggest billboard at Bandra Western Express Highway (ROB), Mumbai.

This 360 degrees marketing ran across 19 main cities in India – Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Vizag, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Pune, Jaipur, Indore, Goa, Chennai, Kochi, Ahmedabad, along with Bandra, Mumbai.

Billboard hoarding of Swiggy Instamart in Mumbai
Swiggy Instamart’s billboard hoarding in Mumbai – Image Source
Swiggy OOH engaging brand promotion campaign
A glance of other OOH advertising done by Swiggy – Image Source

Swiggy had started with a view to providing a reasonable solution for the people who could not cook or the people who were not able to go outside and eat every day. The venture had started from a team of only 5 delivery boys and today has expanded considerably being one the finest and largest ‘consumer interest’ food delivering companies in the country. 

Apart from the hard work in logistics, the company had thought well and invested right in its marketing strategies. One such being outdoor advertising.

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The fun and appealing campaigns launched by the company had provided a positive result to the brand.

What is your thought on outdoor advertising?

Do you plan to implement the same for your brand?

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