Know How OOH advertising help brands connect with Gen Z

Out-of-home (OOH)advertising could be a favourite for Gen Y and Z audiences.   

Aren’t you surprised? We do not blame you. You’d expect this tech-savvy generation to ignore ancient advertising mediums because the digital world takes up most of their time. However, as a recent Kantar Study points out, their ad preferences don’t replicate their habits.

“Gen Z Use online like OOH (Out-of-Home).” This statement headlines Kantar Millward Brown’s advertising habits study. This is often a generation of individuals who’ve had Facebook and Instagram profiles all their life. They consider their smartphones a lifeline associated with degrees and an extension of themselves. 

Today over eighty million young Millennials represent $200 billion in annual shopping for power.

Millennials and Gen Z comprise nearly 1/2 of the United States of America population and represent the foremost cogent shoppers. However, Millennials and Gen Z are the elusive central audiences to interact with, as they lead the charge on cord-cutting, ad-blocking, and radio-streaming.

The shift in audience consumption habits has resulted in a lot of investment in out-of-home (OOH) promotion. Irrelevant ads have a steadfast, evergreen quality that appeals to most younger shoppers and, in distinction to different media channels, can not be unnoted by skipping, fast-forwarding, or paying a lot to avoid ads.

Here are three reasons why out-of-home advertising is the best media for reaching Millennials & information Z:

Authentic and real-world expertise resonate.


One of the only things the overwhelming majority of Millennials agree on is that they don’t wish to be marketed to. Gen Y craves genuineness, with eighty-nine preferring easy ads and ninetieth noting they need a brand’s messages to match its actions.

Gen Z conjointly values genuineness and real-world experiences. In fact, in line with a recent international study by Kantar Millward BrownOOH is the #1 most popular ad format among Millennials and Gen Z.

And in line with Nielsen, “One out of each four shoppers can post a picture of a door ad to Instagram.” Shoppers are 48% likely to click on a mobile ad once being exposed to a similar ad on associate degree out-of-home advertising initially.

While Gen Y and Z shoppers love content, they need very little tolerance for interruptive ads – creating irrelevant ads and experiential media is a vital medium for marketers as they appear to make awareness, relevance, and affinity with younger shoppers.


Shorter attention spans during a digitally saturated world

different attention spans

Gen Y and Z have voracious appetites for content but conjointly shorter attention spans. Gen Zers grew up with smartphones. Their 8-second span is even faster than Millennials, who pay grievous bodily harm of twelve seconds on average.

Gen Y and Z are aligned in their media consumption habits. They like watching videos on-demand. Over twenty-fifths of Gen Z watch live TV on mobile, with a better proportion streaming on-demand video.

Digital and social media ads have become more saturated and less effective than ever. Facebook and social platforms currently throttle branded content in the news feed, making it more durable for brands to achieve their target shoppers.

To overcome this challenge, brands are increasing their promoting pay and outside ads, bolstering direct-to-consumer engagement within the native market with authentic content relevant to their daily lives.

Improve Brand Engagement

brand engagement

With advertisements that address the problems of society at large, OOH advertising helps the brand engage audiences and leave a mark on their minds. According to various research, about 48% of millennials are more likely to click on the mobile advertisement of a brand after being exposed to an OOH advertisement of it first. People are more likely to know more about your brand if you are running an OOH advertising campaign, instead of an online marketing campaign. 

Also, if your billboard addresses a social issue, it is more likely to be shared online by your target audience and reach millions of people. This will also bring down your expenditure while maximizing impact and revenue.


Improves Market Presence

market presence

With an increasing number of people going for in-store experiences, OOH advertising is at an all-time high. Over 92% of the people admitted to noticing an OOH advertisement while out shopping for groceries or other stuff. It also helps build customer loyalty. More people tend to buy from a brand they know about, instead of the brand about which they have only seen a few ads online. Thus, with OOH advertising your brand’s market presence is boosted and more people tend to know about your brand. This will certainly boost people’s trust and loyalty to the service. 


Improves Social Media Presence

social media presence

About 46% of people tend to share pictures of OOH advertising on their social media accounts if they find it as something relevant or something that they relate with. This helps boost the social media presence of your service hence improving the conversion rates and the number of likes on your page. This helps your service land on top of search engine pages and improve your conversion rates. This also helps bring down costs for advertisement as the major outreach is done via social media and your brand makes a mark socially while resonating with the masses.



OOH advertising is the number one form of advertising your brand nowadays. It is the form of advertising that not only helps you gain more customers but also helps your brand create a market presence, resonate with the masses and provide a social outlook to your brand as well. Hence, this form of advertising helps your brand shine through and gain attention from the ever-busy millennials and Gen Z. 

Advertising at the right places, keeping in mind the short attention span of the audience definitely will help the brand carve a niche for itself. Having said that, it is extremely important that your brand does create its space in the market to outshine the other products and generate revenue. 

Monitoring the public response will also help you plan the future course of advertisement for your brand and to ensure that your brand does create a market of its own.

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