How Healthcare Call Centers Helps the Healthcare Function

The healthcare industry is a complex and very tricky realm. Marketing within the healthcare industry can surely boost your practice but finding effective and easy methods to market your practice can be a huge task. Coming up with newer methods of marketing surely helps but the best way to market any practice is to ensure patient contact and good doctor-patient relationships.

Call centers surely solve that problem. With medicare companies having hundreds of clients across the globe, it gets tough to keep a track of them. Also, for a practitioner providing services at numerous centers, keeping a track of the patients’ appointments, and due dates of renewal of prescriptions can be an enormous task. Call centers designated for healthcare solve this issue and ensure doctor-patient contact. They help the patient feel that he is being taken care of. 

In the following article, we try to shed light on the importance of call centers in healthcare and the gigantic impact they have on marketing.

Patient Follow-ups

Call centers help in following up with patients to ensure that the patient feels satisfied with the service or would like to see some improvements. They also help the doctor know if the treatment prescribed has worked and also about any adverse events that might have occurred during treatment. They help in monitoring the progress of each patient and ensuring that the patient feels that he/she is as important to the doctor as any other patient. They make a patient feel that the doctor does remember them and build a rapport. 

This helps inform the patient retention rates as the patient is 40% more likely to return to a practice or a setup that did go the mile to follow up with him/her.

Check-up Reminders

Some patients suffering from chronic illnesses like diabetes, thyroid-related issues, and endocrine abnormalities require regular follow-ups to discuss the progress made and also to decide the course of future treatment.

These patients require regular checkups to adjust the dosage of their medications as well making follow-ups and future appointments immensely important for them. In such a situation, a patient prefers being reminded about pending checkups as it helps him/her stay at the peak of his health and prevent complications from developing. Such patients prefer to be clients of a setup that follows up with them and does send them reminders about pending checkups. This not only improves patient satisfaction scores, and patient acquisition but also patient retention rates increase manyfold.

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Improved Patient Engagement

Call centers improve patient engagement by following up with patients, providing prospective patients with a means to get in touch with their doctors, and getting some teleconsultation on the move! With the pandemic striking the world out of the blue, call centers certainly provided people with a very good means of getting information, booking appointments, and even getting hospital beds. Call centers were a sigh of relief amidst the fiasco going around. Hence, call centers can improve patient engagement in a variety of ways ensuring that all patients get the information they need and also have ease in booking appointments.

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Improved Patient Management

With regular follow-ups and easier ways of enquiring about concerns, patient management has improved when it comes to healthcare. Call centers help in better management by ensuring that patients can contact doctors to clear doubts while easily booking appointments. Proper time allotment for each patient, and having proper details about the course of therapy and follow-ups certainly improve patient management while improving the quality of care provided to the patient.

Optimal Return on Investment

Call centers provide an optimal return on investment, almost 3:1. This helps build brand loyalty as patients tend to return often or newer patients tend to join the healthcare setup often. Everyone wants to be treated by a physician who cares and follows up with them. Call centers provide numerous ways of engaging with the patients and boosting satisfaction rates. This certainly helps get a good return on investment or lower patient acquisition rates thus, improving revenue generated by the healthcare setup. 

Access To Specialists

Since many doctors who are specialists are not easily available or require special appointments, at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance. Call centers help in connecting us with specialists via phone calls or even help in booking appointments especially. They were also very useful during the pandemic as people had the liberty of getting connected to their doctors through a simple phone call. This helped bring down the panic as well. It helps reduce patients’ anticipation and anxiety.


Call centers have certainly become very popular in healthcare because of the amazing return on investment they offer. For the patients, they come as a blessing as they help them stay connected to medical care 24×7. They have made getting medical care radically simpler.

Call centers have also improved the doctor-patient relationship and have provided the doctor with newer ways to stay connected to the patient and improve satisfaction rates.

They also help save time as they improve patient management thus, making the process very organized and very simple for both the patient as well as the doctor. 

To sum it up, healthcare call centers provide an amazing marketing method. They are the need of the hour in healthcare to make sure that your practice stays on top of the charts always.

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