Full motion DOOH- The next trend after DOOH advertising?

Nobody will oppose the fact that TV has been the lord of advertising media since the presence of the medium. As promotional firms persistently fight for customer media money, TV has been the major sell since it has consistently commanded the most high CPMs. Television ads are engaging, imaginative and, in particular, full motion.

However, at this point, with streaming TV and the capacity to avoid ads, those CPMs are undermined. Organizations are continually attempting to keep up with new and imaginative approaches and to keeping customer eyes on the TV screen, yet with the quality and binge capacity of streaming soaring in claim particularly since COVID-it is totally a losing fight.

With many individuals (mostly the Gen Z) are done watching on a conventional TV set. There is as yet one spot where brands have an engaged crowd: digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, more specifically Full motion Digital out-of-home ads

Here’s an example of how a full motion DOOH advertising looks:

Full Motion video capability, dynamic message scheduling, live streaming to events are only a few of the features that makes full-motion DOOH advertising a powerful medium.

What is full motion DOOH (digital out-of-home) advertising?

Full-motion digital billboards are the new TV. They are televisions that are larger than life, with eye-catching ads (frequently promoting Streaming television services themselves) that drivers can’t disregard. They’re giant televisions with no remote for the watcher to switch off, fast forward, or change the channel.

Only full motion ads can deliver an emotional connection with the observer that static ads essentially can’t. Also, an advertisement that conveys an emotion is a memorable advertisement.

According to a study in the UK, research revealed that full motion DOOH ads are 2.5 times more impactful than static billboards or static DOOH

The sheer size of DOOH screens around the world makes it perfect for designers, producers to work with. It is a canvas in between a bustling city and available for people to view at any time. Marketers have the freedom and around 10 to 20 seconds of screen time to showcase their brand. A full motion DOOH in a busy city like Mumbai, Delhi, Gujrat can bring thousands and lakhs of viewership each month.

Currently full motion DOOH ads are getting more popular in foreign countries like USA, UK. However, with the growth in technology and ad spend, India might soon become one of the countries to adopt the trend of full motion DOOH advertising.

Benefits of Full motion DOOH ads

When it comes to DOOH, it has several benefits and hence is gaining popularity among advertisers. Full-motion display ads are engaging and live, giving a more personal brand experience to your target audience. 

Let’s have a deeper look at what are the benefits of full motion DOOH advertising:

1. You get to reach the younger audience and workholics that do not watch TV 

Almost everyone today in an urban city has an OTT subscription. Multiple if not one. If you want to target this demographic, grabbing their attention on the road can be the best choice. As the online space is getting more and more cluttered with ads, offline advertising such as full-motion DOOH can help your brand gain significant watch-time and viewership. Also, these ads are ‘non-skippable.’ Your target audience can’t help but notice it and your brand.

Apart from younger audience, full motion DOOH displays also help in reaching an older generation or people who do not have time for TV and neither engage with your brand online. People who travel to work via road and do not have time for TV in their life. They are probably going to watch TV only on the weekends, so grabbing their attention while they are on the way or back form work can be a great idea.

If your target audience includes people who have a busy schedule, you can also think of doing paper cup branding for your brand.

Here’s how we did a paper cup branding campaign for Uber Eats

2. Gives your brand the freedom to become a storyteller

Full motion DOOH ads give you the freedom to tell a story. You have the creative freedom to add characters, do live streaming, personalise your messaging, personalise your brand communication. The displays being larger than life and dynamic only adds to the creative freedom brands can get with full motion DOOH ads

Full motion DOOH ads gives brands the ability to connect with consumers on an emotional level. A study done by Neuro-Insights UK revealed that full motion DOOH ads are 4 times more effective than DOOH ads in terms of engaging with consumers

3. Full-motion DOOH ads are adaptable in many scenarios

You have the power to change the ad via the click of a button. You can change it according to the time of the day, or get temperature into a picture, or a recent event that has happened in the city (for example: a cricket match)

This makes the ad personal, and everyone remembers an advertisement that made them feel something personal, right?

Full-motion DOOH ads unlike DOOH ads or static OOH ads are comparatively more engaging and has proven to acquire more memory space in the minds of consumers. Only full motion can deliver a passionate association with the watcher that static ads essentially can’t.

While both static and full-motion content delivered high levels of positive emotional response, Neuro-Insight UK found that full-motion creative delivered more branded peaks of memory encoding. 

Combining these two metrics reveals that full-motion DOOH has the ability to really influence consumers and connnect with them on a much deeper, emotional and psychological level.

Are you thinking to invest in full-motion DOOH advertising? What are your thoughts on this?

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