Bus branding in Delhi? Here’s Ginger Media Group’s Guide to it

Bus branding in Delhi is one of the popular choices of marketing for brands due to it’s high coverage, accessibility, cost-effectiveness and high impact. Bus branding is OOH (Out-of-home) advertising, specifically transit media advertising. It is a way to advertise your products or services with cost-effective marketing solutions of advertising through bus side panels, bus backside branding and bus inside branding such as bus seats branding or bus assets branding. 

Buses have been a major public transport in Delhi today. Their impact and reach is large and wide-spread. Buses in Delhi are one of the commonly used public transports. Now, governments are also said to put more focus on electric buses. It was also noted that Delhi would start receiving it’s first fleet of 300 e-buses from January 2022.

Bus branding as discussed before offers multiple brand placement opportunities; Full wraps, Back side branding, inside bus branding, side panel bus advertising.

A view of people in the bus that has inside bus branding
Bus inside branding placement provides brands a better opportunity to reach their target audience in a way they cannot ignore
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Bus Full wrap advertising in Delhi
Bus full wrap advertising provides brands an opportunity to showcase their products on a transit, billboard-sized scale.
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Benefits of bus branding

  • The best part of bus advertising is that it is unavoidable.The students, professionals, average consumer sitting in the bus, the pedestrians travelling or commuters travelling through their personal vehicles or the people standing near the bus stand, all tend to observe the bus advertisement in an unavoidable manner.
  • The element of bus branding being outdoor advertising, helps in connecting audiences on a social level. It is a great way to enhance daily brand engagement by a definite amount. 
  • The viewership in bus branding is higher due to the long bus routes.
  • It reduces the cost per view, making it an affordable marketing technique.
  • They also offer repeated exposure, in the case of public buses that have a fixed route every day.
  • Bus branding advertisements are eye-catchy. The wide and clear display helps in grabbing the attention of the people quickly.

Bus branding is viewable to everyone and not just potential customers. For example, a bus shelter advertisement would not only be seen by the bus riding people but also numerous people who have simply come near that location including pedestrians. So this makes a multi-dimensional and cross-sectional advertising.

Location plays a very important role and is often underestimated. When you choose to advertise, the areas of urban locality can be quite helpful and dynamic to support. Either you choose the alternative of illuminated or non-illuminated advertisements, in accordance with your needs and budget-bus branding can be your take. Bus stop advertising is a good way to make sure that your ad gains excellent exposure to pedestrian and vehicle traffic in those busy streets of urban areas.

5 popular bus stations for bus branding in Delhi

Bus branding in Delhi is a commonly used marketing medium of advertising due to the large network of buses connecting with the different parts of the country. Delhi has one of the major bus transportation systems in India.

Here are 5 popular bus stations of Delhi.

1. Bus Branding in ISBT Kashmere Gate, Delhi

ISBT Kashmere Gate is a popular bus station or location for daily commuters to catch buses. Being a vast and of one of the world’s oldest bus stations in Delhi, it could be a great place to advertise your brand. Being one of the highly used bus stations of the country, this place experiences a diverse range of target audiences. From college going students, corporate professionals to an average middle-class consumer. Doing bus branding in ISBT Kashmere Gate can prove to be fruitful for brands.

2. Bus Branding in ISBT Anand Vihar, Delhi

It’s spread over 25 acres of land since 1996. It connects Delhi to Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, giving space to audiences of other cities as well.So your brand can actually travel to the cities of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand and touch the local audiences there as well. This bus station provides a wider reach for brands looking to scale their marketing and advertising efforts. If you’re a large sized B2C brand then advertising in ISBT Anand Vihar can be a great marketing solution for you

3. Bus Branding in ISBT Sarai Kale Khan, Delhi

Another popular bus station in Delhi has around 60 trains going every day. So be it bus branding or branding at the station, it could be highly effective.The fixed route it has,would provide a repetitive exposure every now and then. ISBT Sarai Kale Khan station is a major bus terminus in Delhi attracting commuters and visitors from South of Delhi. It was also in talks to be integrated in the metro line of the country.

4. Bus Branding in Madhuban Chowk Bus Station, Delhi

Madhuban Chowk bus station in Delhi captures the foot of all people residing in North Delhi, making it an effective branding option and area to do bus branding. When people are waiting for the bus or riding it, they tend to observe and absorb information better. So that is how your brand can travel along in the minds of people.

The bus station also is a very busy intersection of Pitampura in North West Delhi and has a very busy metro station as well.

5. Bus Branding in Tolstoy Marg, Delhi

It is another popular bus stop located at Connaught place that is at the heart of Delhi. This geographical location always has numerous people visiting and shopping around. So an effective bus branding, with a clear graphic outlay and catchy ad copy can be great for generating a good ROI on your marketing efforts.

To summarise better, bus branding is a way to increase audience engagement through a larger display and a greater frequency in all. It constantly paves away in the minds of the local population (students, teachers, working-class people) who everyday travel through buses. The concept of increasing the frequency provides a strong brand recall.

So yes buses are..in simple words. quite non-missable!

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