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Digital marketing is evolving rapidly. Back in the old days, SEO was simple. You just had to stuff some low competitive keywords, repeat them as many times as you can, make sure you have the right HTML tags, outbound and inbound links, and that’s it. That’s how easy it was to rank back then. Since then, Google has introduced a ton of new algorithm changes. Now, it’s not so easy anymore to rank on Google. To help you rank your website better, I have compiled an amazing list of the top 5 top SEO tools for your digital marketing efforts.

Whether you’re a small business or a large one, these free SEO tools will help you market your business effectively.

5 Top SEO Tools to Improve Your Rankings

  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Soovle
  • Ahrefs Free Keyword Research tool
  • Check My Links
  • Screaming Frog

Please note that some of these free SEO tools have a paid plan as well but in this article, we are only going to talk about the free version of them.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a tool that helps you find keyword metrics like SEO difficulty, long tail keywords, related keywords and much more.



  • You get to see a lot of important Seo metrics like SEO difficulty, brand query & other important website metrics like domain authority, spam score, monthly traffic etc.
  • With Keywords Everywhere, you can even find out what are the top keywords the website ranks for.
  • The tool works everywhere. Be it Youtube or Google, Chrome or Firefox, it does its job of finding relevant keywords quite effectively.


  • There are barely any cons of this great free keyword tool but if we had to say one, it would probably be that the free version doesn’t let you see the search volume for a keyword and the keyword ideas are very limited.


If you’re looking for a keyword research tool that can give you keyword suggestions from different search engines all at the same time then Soovle would be the tool for you.

Soovle - Free Keyword Research Tool


  • Find keyword suggestions for different search engines like Google, Youtube, Yahoo, etc
  • Gives you tons of keyword ideas
  • Provides you long tail keywords
  • Simple to use and it is completely free as well


  • Doesn’t show important keyword metrics like search data, CPC, or Seo Difficulty. 
  • Tool’s interface seems outdated

Ahrefs Free Keyword Research Tool

This Ahrefs free keyword research tool is probably one of the best free digital marketing tools available out there. Though it is not a completely free tool, it still is a great keyword tool to find a ton of keyword ideas along with their search volume.

Ahrefs free keyword research SEO tool


  • Shows search volume 
  • Gives up to 100 keyword ideas and up to 50 question keyword ideas (free version)
  • The keywords and volume data shown are frequently updated.
  • Gives you keyword difficulty data for the first few terms.


  • Doesn’t show other important metrics like CPC, paid difficulty, trend data, related keywords, etc.

Check My Links

Check My Links is a free Seo tool that helps you find broken links on your webpage. It is a popular tool that is used in link-building activities. 

Example of using Check My Links which is a free Seo tool


  • Let’s you find valid links, 404 redirects, invalid links
  • Gives quick results, and high speed.
  • Shows the exact issue with the broken link. For example, if it’s a 404, or 500 error.
  • Scans a ton of pages at one time


  • You have to manually find the invalid links on the website (Hovering over the “invalid links” option does nothing) 

Screaming Frog

The last free Seo tool on our list is Screaming Frog. This free tool is a must-have. What it essentially does is it crawls your entire website, all the pages and then gives you a super in-depth report on all the errors. For example, if your H1 tags are over 70 characters or if your H2 tags are missing, it would tell you. 

It’s an amazing tool to analyse your on-page SEO optimization

Example of using Screaming Frog - a free Seo tool


  • Crawls up to 500 pages (free version)
  • Gives you an extremely detailed report
  • Shows data for a ton of elements like page titles, url, meta keywords, meta description, H1, H2, etc.
  • Easy to track the exact page where the error has occurred
  • Simple to use and understand 


  • There aren’t cons to this amazing free seo tool but if we had to say one, it might be that the tool takes some time to load all the errors. 

FAQ for choosing the best free digital marketing tools 

  • Are there any free SEO tools?

There are a ton of free SEO tools available. Keywords Everywhere, Ubersuggest, KW Finder, Google Analytics, Google Console, Screaming Frog, Ahrefs Free Keyword tool and the list goes on.

  • Which is the best free SEO tool? 

Screaming Frog, Ubersuggest and Keywords Everywhere. These are some of the best free SEO tools you can get and they all provide some in-depth data. 

  • Best free alternatives to paid keyword research tools?

There are many free alternatives to the paid keyword research tools. Some of the free alternatives are Keywords Everywhere, Screaming Frog, Ubersuggest, Google Trends, Google AdWords. 

  • What are the best SEO tools for 2021?

The best, free, Seo tools for 2021 are KW Finder, Google Search Console, Keywords Everywhere, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, Answer the Public. 

  • Are Seo tools worth it? 

SEO tools help you reach your target audience, identify errors on your website, rank higher in Google and so much more. SEO tools are important as it makes sure your website is search engine friendly, if the content needs to target different keywords, etc. So, yes, SEO tools are worth it. 

That’s all for this blog. If you’ve any queries, let me know in the comments. I will make sure to answer them. If you need help with your marketing, get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.

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