5 Teachings from Shri Krishna all Modern-day Brands should Adopt

Infinite teachings with innumerable names and forms, and popularly called the ‘Makhan Chor’, Lord Krishna’s charisma and divine powers made him the true hero of Indian mythology.

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With his larger-than-life persona, and exemplary teachings and actions, he proved time and again how to sail through troubled waters.

The Bhagavad-Gita elucidates several teachings preached by Lord Krishna. In today’s world which lacks a rich intellectual heritage, the best way to learn, build a brand, hone our skills, and become powerful leaders is by going back to our roots. We all must learn the words of wisdom bestowed upon mankind by someone who is truly eternal.

On the beautiful and auspicious occasion of Shri Krishna Janmashtami, let’s analyze five important lessons preached by him which are relevant to every young entrepreneur and the brand manager even today.

5 Lessons for Business, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship from Krishna

  • Strategic Approach: Throughout his life, Krishna believed in adopting a problem-solving approach. During the Mahabharath, when things looked bleak for the Pandavas, he devised a strong strategy to deal with the situation rather than using might or a weapon. The result of it was fruitful as the Pandavas emerged victorious.

Lesson: Every difficult situation needs a strategic approach. The best way to withstand a crisis is by having a strong strategy to deal with it.

  • Staying Grounded: Despite being someone with much supremacy, Krishna lived his life in simplicity. Though his life saw several ups and downs, he never forgot his roots. Though his tales of mischief have been quite popular, deep down he was someone with a heart of gold. This is what made him everyone’s favorite.

Lesson: Every brand manager must follow a realistic and grounded approach. No matter which position a leader reaches, it is vital to be humble and down to earth. When your employees see you as someone who is approachable, that is where real growth and progress begins.

  • Tactful Communicator and Motivator: Known for his power of speech and orator skills, Lord Krishna always saw the good in every situation. Whether it was on the battleground or off, he always used his intelligence and sharp mind to motivate people and Arjuna especially those who refused to fight with his own kin.

Lesson: A true leader or manager must always motivate his colleagues. Look at the bright side of every situation and communicate effectively to win the trust of your fellow team members.

  • Stick to your Goals: Krishna always preached that one must stick to their goals. His three goals were ‘welfare for good’, ‘destroy evil’ and ‘establish good principles’.

Lesson: Similarly, to create a sound workplace culture, it is important for every manager to set clear-cut goals in the organization which everyone can follow.

  • Never give in to Stress: Even in the most difficult situations, Lord Krishna knew how to keep his cool. He would never get agitated by others and would always listen to his mind.

Lesson: This is a great lesson for business leaders. A calm mind can do wonders. Peace of mind can improve the quality of work and yield a fruitful end result. Excessive worrying about any situation can do just the opposite.

Today, as we celebrate Lord Krishna, let’s remind ourselves about his great teachings. As he said, the real devotion does not lie in chanting his name but in adopting the gyaan’ that he preached all through his life.

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