Auto Advertising in Mumbai

Auto advertising is a form of outdoor advertising that involves placing advertisements on vehicles such as cars, trucks, and buses. These advertisements can take many different forms, including vinyl wraps, decals, magnetic signs, and rooftop signs.

Auto wrap advertising in Mumbai is often used by businesses to promote their products or services to a large and diverse audience. The vehicles used for advertising can be driven around specific areas or parked in high-traffic locations, allowing for maximum exposure to potential customers.

The benefits of auto hood advertising in Mumbai

Auto rickshaw advertising in Mumbai offers several benefits for businesses looking to promote their products or services:

Broad Audience Reach

Auto branding is a highly effective way to reach a large and diverse audience. The vehicles used for advertising can be driven to various locations, including busy urban areas, suburban neighbourhoods, and rural communities. 

This allows businesses to expose their message to potential customers who may not have seen the advertisement otherwise. Auto advertising in Mumbai can also target specific events such as sports games or concerts, providing businesses with the opportunity to reach a highly engaged audience.


Auto rickshaw advertising can be a more cost-effective advertising option than other forms of outdoor advertising such as billboards. The cost of advertising on a vehicle in Mumbai can be lower in comparison to renting billboard space, making it a popular choice for small businesses. 

Additionally, auto branding campaigns can be tailored to fit within a business's budget, providing a more flexible and accessible advertising option.

Highly Targeted

Auto advertising in Mumbai allows businesses to target specific demographics or locations with precision. For example, a restaurant may choose to advertise on a food delivery vehicle to target customers who are interested in food delivery services. Alternatively, an auto insurance company may choose to advertise a vehicle that frequently travels on a busy highway to target drivers. 

This highly targeted approach allows businesses to maximise the impact of their advertising dollars by focusing on the audiences most likely to be interested in their products or services.


Auto rickshaw advertising provides businesses with the added benefit of mobility. This allows businesses to target areas where their ideal customers are likely to be found, such as busy city centres, shopping malls, and sporting events. 

The mobility of auto advertising also allows businesses to quickly adjust their campaigns based on the location of their target audience, making it a versatile and adaptable form of advertising.

Want to use Auto Rickshaws for brand promotions?

Locations for Auto Advertising in Mumbai

There are several locations in Mumbai that are suitable for auto branding. Here are some examples:

Busy Commercial Areas

Areas with high foot traffic such as Dadar, Andheri, Bandra, and Colaba are ideal locations for auto rickshaw advertising. Advertising on autos in Mumbai in these areas can help businesses reach a large and diverse audience.

Tourist Destinations

Tourist destinations such as Gateway of India, Marine Drive, and Elephanta Caves are popular locations for auto rickshaw advertising in Mumbai. These areas attract a large number of visitors and tourists, providing businesses with the opportunity to promote their products or services to a global audience.

Residential Areas

Residential areas such as Juhu, Powai, and Malad are suitable for auto hood advertising campaigns targeting a specific demographic. Advertising on autos in these areas can help businesses reach families, professionals, and other groups with specific interests.

Business locations

Business locations such as Nariman Point, Lower Parel, and BKC are popular locations for auto advertising campaigns in Mumbai targeting professionals and businesses. Advertising on autos in these areas can help businesses reach a highly engaged audience, making it an effective option for B2B marketing.

Transportation Hubs

Transportation hubs such as airports, railway stations, and bus terminals are also suitable for auto rickshaw advertising campaigns. Advertising on autos in these areas can help businesses reach commuters and travellers who are looking for products and services on-the-go.

Strategies to make auto branding successful in Mumbai

When it comes to auto advertising in Mumbai, there are several strategies businesses can use to make the most of their campaigns. Here are some ideas:

Target High-Traffic Areas

One of the most effective strategies for auto hood advertising in Mumbai is to target high-traffic areas. This includes busy commercial areas, tourist destinations, and transportation hubs in Mumbai. By advertising on autos in these locations, businesses can reach a large and diverse audience, maximising the impact of their campaigns.

Consider the Time of Day

The time of day can also impact the effectiveness of auto-advertising campaigns. For example, advertising on autos during rush hour can be particularly effective as commuters are often stuck in traffic and have more time to view the advertisements. On the other hand, advertising on autos during off-peak hours may not be as effective as there are fewer people on the roads.

Tailor the Campaign to the Location

To make the most of their auto rickshaw advertising campaignsin Mumbai, businesses should tailor their message to the specific location. For example, an auto branding campaign in a busy commercial area may focus on promoting a specific product or service, while an auto advertising campaign in a tourist destination may focus on building brand awareness.

Measure Results

To determine the effectiveness of their auto rickshaw advertising campaigns, businesses should track metrics such as engagement, impressions, and conversions. This can help them identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions about future campaigns.

Want to use Auto Rickshaws for brand promotions?

Why choose Ginger Media Group for Auto Branding in Mumbai

If you want to get your auto hood advertising noticed in Mumbai, working with Ginger Media Group is the surefire way to reach more customers and grow your business. With years of experience in advertisingin Mumbai, we offer an extensive range of services to ensure maximum visibility for your auto ads. Learn more about why it's advantageous to work with us and get started today!

Extensive Experience in the Mumbai auto Advertising Market

With years of experience in advertising in Mumbai, Ginger Media Group is highly experienced and knowledgeable about auto rickshaw advertising. As an industry leader, we offer comprehensive insights into popular trends and consumer behaviour in the city to ensure the utmost visibility for your auto ads. 

This puts us at a unique advantage over other advertising companies that may not be as familiar with the specifics of auto branding in Mumbai.

Advanced Creative and Media Execution Strategies

We are renowned for its creative and media execution strategies that differentiate us from other advertising companies. Our creative techniques are based on the latest trends and insights about consumer behaviour in Mumbai, ensuring your auto branding engages with potential customers effectively. Moreover, this also ensures optimised targeting of the right audience through our advanced media execution strategies.

Tailored Solutions for Every Client's Need

Ginger Media Group offers tailor-made solutions for your auto rickshaw advertising needs. We understand that no two clients or brands are alike, so we strive to develop diverse strategies based on client requirements. 

From providing an analysis of consumer behaviour trends in the area to devising personalised campaigns and media plans, our tailored services will surely help you reach your marketing goals quickly. In addition, we also provide full-service customisation and post-execution review for optimising the results of your campaigns.

Ginger Media Group is a 360 degrees marketing agency that specialises in outdoor advertising. With our 7+ years of experience, our team of branding specialists, marketing enthusiasts and data-driven advertisers, we have had the pleasure to serve some of the most well-known brands such as VIBGYOR, OYO, Zomato, Uber Moto, Uber Eats, Chumbak & a lot more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is auto rickshaw Branding?
A form of transit media advertising known as "auto rickshaw branding" uses flex posters for advertising a brand's goods or services on the interior, side hoods or the entire vehicle.
2What is the minimum campaign duration for Auto Branding in Mumbai?

In Mumbai, the majority of the population travels by public transport. To reach the target audience Auto advertisement is the best option where the ads last for a minimum of one month.

Apart from this the ads can stay on Auto as long as the new advertiser comes with new advertising.

3What are the options available for brand advertisement as an Auto branding agency in Mumbai?

Auto Rickshaw Branding is the most opted medium of advertising. Depending upon the advertiser's target audience one can select the type of Auto Branding. Considering all the facts a well-designed ad for a product or brand will be published on Auto so that it is easy to reach the target audience.

  • Driver Seat Back: The ads display on the driver seat back is visible to the passengers who hire the Auto to reach their destination. They get more time to pay attention to the ad during their journey.
  • Auto Side panel: The Auto rickshaw owner offers Auto side panel branding where the ads will be displayed on both side of the Auto. It increases the visibility of the brand of the advertiser.
  • Auto Body wrap: The Most preferable form of Auto Branding, only particular brand will be displayed over the Auto body, the audience will pay attention to one single brand displayed on the Auto rickshaw.
  • Auto Hood Branding: Auto hood branding means covering both sides along with the back panel for an advertisement where the advertiser will be able to increase the visibility of his product or service from all three sides.
  • Auto Back Panels: Auto rickshaw branding is the most essential form of publicity, The Auto back panels where ads are displayed at the backside of the Auto that gains the attention of the audience easily.
4How is the Auto Branding campaign monitored in Mumbai?

Email, WhatsApp, Google Drive and Google sheets are the sources used to monitor Auto Branding by providing all the required details like sharing images, locations, and routes of Auto travelling from place to place.

  • E-mail: Auto Branding is assumed to be the most feasible way of branding. To monitor the Auto Branding the agency shares the ad details like Auto Branding images, Auto -rickshaw and its owner's details through Email.
  • WhatsApp: Another form of the monitoring ad campaign is sending the advertisement details like Auto Branding images, time duration of the ad, and Auto-rickshaw details through WhatsApp. So that the advertiser may not miss any updates.
  • Google drive: To monitor and maintain the advertising in Delhi, the graphics of each advertisement are uploaded in google drive.
  • Google sheets: To maintain important data like auto driver names, numbers, and vehicle registration numbers.
5Where Auto advertising can be executed in Mumbai?

The Auto drivers work for 25 days in a month approximately 10 -12 hours per during this shift they cover approximately 86 km to 102 km of distance in a day that travels throughout the city.

Mumbai city has around 4.6 lakhs of Auto-rickshaws moving in the city. Auto Branding is possible in areas like Dahisar, Dadar, Bandra, Kurla, Kalyan, and others.

6Why Auto Rickshaw Advertising services in Mumbai are very preferable amongst businesses?

Advertising in a City like Mumbai is preferable due to the heavy traffic flow covering long-distance. Auto branding agency provides all the details related to Auto advertising to guide the advertiser for spread brand awareness among the people by displaying ads with high graphic design for clear visibility.

  • Diverse Audience: Depending upon the product or service advertised the audience will be diversified. Every individual is different from another depending upon various characteristics.
  • Segmentation: A specific segment will be targeted by the advertiser to create his brand awareness using Auto Branding.
  • Cost-Effective: The cost of Auto Branding is reasonable compared to another form of advertisement. Our agency provides the best services at a minimal cost.
  • High Engagement: The rate of engagement is comparatively high in Auto Branding advertisement as an Auto move throughout the city.
  • Volume: The number of Auto moving across the city is 246,458 the advertiser has to identify the movement of the Auto that helps them to reach the target audience.
7What are the various types of Branding opportunities available in Mumbai?

Leave all your worries as you have connected to the right place for spreading the word about your brand among the target audience. Understanding the value of your brand help to reach more people in less time with our branding techniques.

Along with Auto Branding we offer various types of Branding opportunities available in Mumbai are Bus branding, look walkers, Malls/cinemas, and Cup Branding.

8How to start Auto Branding in Mumbai?

The Auto Branding campaign helps the advertiser to display their ads to a huge number of people as its visibility is more compared to other media of advertisement. Also, the cost of Auto Branding is affordable according to the area of advertisement selected to display the ads. To put your brand on Auto-rickshaw you first need to contact an Auto Branding agency like Ginger Media Group that can give you the routes of the Auto travelling through or common places where the Auto-rickshaw runs throughout the day.

Auto Branding campaign helps the advertiser to display their ads to a huge number of people as its visibility is more compared to other media of advertisement. Also, the cost of Auto Branding is affordable according to the area of advertisement selected to display the ads.

9What is the size and Design of Auto Hood Branding in Mumbai?

The size of Auto Branding varies depending upon the area selected to put your ad on the Auto. The size of Auto Branding varies small on the rear side is 36x12 inches, the medium size is 36x24 inches, big size is 36x50 this is the maximum size.

The most common size for advertising in Mumbai is 24 inches X 7 inches where the ads displayed are readable and reaches the target audience.

10What does Auto rickshaw advertising cost in Mumbai?

Depending upon the different factors like the number of Auto rickshaws, type of Auto rickshaw advertisement and time duration the cost of advertising will change.

For more details contact us at or call at +91 990 247 8800.