Auto Branding in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Auto Branding in Lucknow are of different types like a Back Panel advertisement, Driver Seat Back advertisement, and Auto-Rickshaw Hood advertisement that include 2 side panels and a back panel to place the ad. Considering all the facts a well-designed ad for a product or brand will be published on Auto so that it is easy to reach the target audience.

Auto rickshaw is a vehicle that moves in the crowd easily and eye-catchy ads gain more attention from pedestrians as well as from passengers. Branding on Auto-rickshaws boosts the presence of the brand in the market.


Frequently Asked Questions

1What is minimum campaign duration for Auto Branding in Lucknow?

The Auto-rickshaw owner can place the ad on Auto for one month as that is the minimum duration for an ad to be displayed in Auto branding. The duration can be extended by mutual understanding between the advertiser and the Auto rickshaw owner.

Apart from this the ads can stay on Auto as long as the new advertiser comes with a new ad.

2How is Auto Branding campaign monitored In Lucknow?

Auto Branding campaigns can be monitored using various sources like Email, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. Auto branding agency provides all the details related to Auto advertising to the advertiser.

  • E-mail: Auto branding is assumed to be the most feasible way of branding. To monitor the Auto branding the agency shares the ad details like Auto branding images, Auto-rickshaw and its owner's details through Email.
  • Instagram: The advertising agency shares the images, and Auto-rickshaw details through its social media profile Instagram. On Instagram, the advertiser can get regular updates regarding the campaign in a short time.
  • Facebook: To monitor the Auto branding the agency shares the ad details like Auto branding images, Auto-rickshaw and its owner's details through Facebook.
  • WhatsApp: WhatsApp is another form of monitoring ad campaigns by sending the advertisement details like Auto branding images, time duration of the ad, and Auto-rickshaw details.
3Where Auto Advertising can be executed in Lucknow?

Auto Rickshaw ads are highly visible in Lucknow as it is a tourist place where the possibility of executing Auto-rickshaw ads is high often passengers spend some time travelling to reach their destination for that duration they pay attention to the ads displayed on the Auto.

We are providing Auto Advertisement at hood in Lucknow and surrounding areas like Aminabad, yahiyaganj, Alambagh, and Kapoorthala.

4What are the various types of Branding opportunities available in Lucknow?

There are various types of branding opportunities like Bus branding, Auto-Rickshaw branding, branding at Bus Stations, Railway Stations, Billboards, etc the visibility of the ad is more and reaches target audiences and creates brand awareness among the people.

Leave all your worries as you have connected to the right place for spreading the word about your brand among the target audience.

5How to Start Auto Branding in Lucknow?

Contact an agency that can do Auto branding successfully, can track records and who have previous experience. Auto Branding, can be very crucial for your campaign. It is easy for them to track the record.

The Auto branding campaign helps the advertiser to display their ads to a huge number of people as its visibility is more compared to other media of advertisement. Also, the cost of Auto branding is affordable according to the area of advertisement selected to display the ads.

6What is the Size and Design of Auto Hood Branding in Lucknow?

In conceptualizing the design of the Auto-rickshaw advertisement the general size of the ad will be 96 inches X 27inches display with clear image and taglines. Auto Hood Branding is the most adaptable form of Auto Branding.

The most common size for advertising is 24inches X 7inches where the ads displayed are readable and reaches the target audience. Depending upon the different factors like several Auto rickshaws, and the type of Auto rickshaws the size will change.

7What is Auto Wrap Advertising?

Auto Wrap advertising is one of the most common methods of advertisement to reach the target audience easily and create brand awareness among people. Most advertisers opt for Auto wrap advertising which covers the Auto body all three sides are covered in branding Auto body that is topside, side panels and the backside of the Auto.

For creating brand awareness and product ads Auto wrap advertisement will be the best option as the Auto moves throughout the city and has more visibility. Thus, it is worth advertising your Brand on Auto body with good graphic images and catchy taglines.

8What is Auto rickshaw Advertising cost in Lucknow?

Depending upon the different factors like the number of Auto rickshaws, type of Auto rickshaw advertisements and time duration the cost of advertising will change.

For more details contact us at or call at +91 888 444 2846.

9What are the option available for Brand Advertisement as an Auto Branding agency in Lucknow?

Auto Rickshaw Branding is the most opted medium of advertising. Considering all the facts a well-designed ad for a product or brand will be published on Auto so that it is easy to reach the target audience.

  • Driver Seat Back: The ads display on the driver seat back is visible to the passengers who hire the Auto to reach their destination. They get more time to pay attention to the ad during their journey.
  • Auto Side Panel: The Auto rickshaw owner offer Auto side panel branding where the ads will be displayed on both side of the Auto. It increases the visibility of the brand of the advertiser.
  • Auto Back Panels: Auto rickshaw branding is the most essential form of publicity. The Auto back panels where ads are displayed at the backside of the Auto gains the attention of the audience easily.
  • Auto Hood Branding: Auto hood branding means covering both sides along with the back panel for an advertisement where the advertiser will be able to increase the visibility of his product or service from all three sides.
  • Auto Body Wrap: The Most preferable form of Auto branding, only a particular brand will be displayed over the Auto body, the audience will pay attention to one single brand displayed on the Auto rickshaw.
10Why Auto rickshaw Advertising service in Lucknow are very preferred amongst Businesses?

Auto rickshaw branding is preferable in cities like Lucknow because it is a tourist spot where people travel from different parts of the world. For businesses, Auto branding is the right opportunity to show their brand to people visiting the city. Reaching the target audience becomes easier.

  • Diverse Audience: Depending upon the product or service advertised the audience will be diversified. Every individual is different from another depending upon various characteristics.
  • Segmentation: A specific segment will be targeted by the advertiser to create brand awareness using Auto Branding.
  • Cost-Effective: The cost of Auto Branding is reasonable compared to other forms of advertisement. Our agency provides the best services at a minimal cost.
  • Volume: The number of Auto moving across the city is approximately 17000, the advertiser has to identify the movement of the Auto that helps them to reach the target audience.
  • High Engagement: The rate of engagement is comparatively high in Auto Branding advertisements as an Auto move throughout the city.